Willy Paul Responds To Diana Marua's Rape Allegations

"Wananiwekelea aki"

By  | Dec 09, 2021, 07:28 PM  | Willy Paul  | Drama

Willy Paul and Diana Marua
Following Diana Marua's allegations that Willy Paul attempted to rape her, the Jigi Jigi singer has come out to defend himself.
The star took to his Instagram to let the world know that he was being framed by the popular YouTuber, and wife of his musical rival, Bahati.
Willy Paul shared a clip of his latest music video for his song, My Woman, from his recently released The African Experience Album, and noted that it was the music video that was making his haters come out of the woodwork.

In the video posted on her YouTube page; whereby Diana alleges that Willy Paul attempted to rape her, she notes that Willy Paul has been insulting her and her family in a bid to clout chase.
Diana notes that Willy Paul’s career is down in the dumps, as most of his projects are flopping, and thus has to look for publicity by mentioning the Bahatis’ name in a bid to gain relevance.
She further noted that it was Willy Paul’s constant badmouthing of her family that made her finally break her silence about the issue. 

During her video, Diana noted that she is seeking justice for herself, and alleged that there are other women that he has done the same, or even worse things to, she noted that she is fighting for those women that the singer has hurt.  

Speaking of seeking legal action, Willy Paul is just fresh from celebrating a legal victory over his former Saldido International artist, Miss P, who had also accused the artist of allegedly raping her. 
Following his victory, the singer shared some court documents that seemed to insinuate a video in which Miss P was being interviewed by YouTuber, Presenter Ali, was defamatory and anyone found circulating it would be in trouble. The documents also pointed out that the video had to be pulled down immediately from Presenter Ali’s page. 
Miss P’s accusations had been making the rounds on the internet, and causing the singer some distress, his manager, King Kenon, must have felt the same as he finally decided to respond to Miss P’s allegations. 
Kenon’s interview came at a time when, NRG radio presenter, Atieno accused Willy Paul of sexually harassing her two years ago at his studios. He didn’t touch on Atieno’s issue as much. He, however, noted that the case filed against Miss P was still in court, and Willy Paull was suing her for defamation.   
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