Willy Paul Hits Back At Miss P

Star introduces Queen P

By  | Nov 18, 2021, 06:27 PM  | Willy Paul  | Drama

Willy Paul
It’s fair to say that Willy Paul and his former signee Miss P are not seeing eye to eye. The latter went on record, on popular Youtuber Presenter Ali’s page, to accuse her former boss of forcing her to have s** with her.

Willy Paul chose to keep quiet about the issue and decided to focus on his music, as he took the matter to court for the law to handle it. Recently, the Saldido International head honcho took to his Instagram to announce that a ruling had been made in the case.

According to the court documents shared on his page, Presenter Ali was ordered to remove the infamous video from his page, while Miss P was informed that continuing to further spread the information would be considered defamatory towards Willy Paul.
It seems that Willy Paul wasn’t done there with getting his revenge on Miss P. The singer has today taken to his Instagram page to unveil a new female signee to his record label.
The kicker though is that Willy paul’s new signee is called Queen P. The name seems to imply that the new artist is a new and improved version of Miss P. Fans were not lost to this as one noted that the move seemed like it was a rebranding of Miss P.

Queen P commented on the post, appreciating Willy Paul and noting the fact that she was grateful at the opportunity offered to her. Her account though seems to be a new one, the singer doesn’t even have a profile picture.      
Queen P responds to Willy Paul.

It seems that Willy Paul has decided to start from scratch when it comes to grooming a female singer for his label. We hope that this time the focus will be entirely on music. The Saldido International boss noted in his previous post that the case with Miss P was the reason why his album was being delayed.
He further noted that as the case has reached a sort of conclusion, he will be releasing his album next week for fans to enjoy. Are you looking forward to Willy Paul’s musical endeavors?


Willy Paul has revealed the identity of Queenn P. The singer's new signee is the daughter of legendary Mugithi singer, Mike Rua.

Willy Paul notes that Queen P is the real deal and is super talented. Do you think Willy Paul is being petty or will you give Queen P a chance, given that she is the daughter of a legend? 

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