Willy Paul Declares His Love For Bahati's Wife?

Star says he had one night stand with Diana

By  | Nov 24, 2021, 08:55 AM  | Willy Paul  | Drama

Willy Paul
Willy Paul who refers to himself as Bwana Mkunaji has revealed that he kunad a lady who goes by the name Diana (just like Bahati's wife).

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The star took to his Instagram page to let his followers know, through a word post, that he still loves the above-mentioned lady, and wishes she could come back to him as it's never too late.

In the caption accompanying the post, the singer noted that even though the two only had a one-night stand but he ended up falling for her and now he wants her back.

Once the fans got wind of this they were all wondering the same thing, whether or not the singer was talking about Bahati's wife. They were shocked at Willy Paul's declaration of love and responded with so many questions.

Keep it tuned on Kelebrity as we reveal what unfolds in the situation.


Willy Paul doubled down on his statements about Diana, however, he did not reveal which Diana he was talking about in his post. The star shared another word photo on his page. This time he went on to describe his relationship with the woman a bit further.

In the caption, the provocative singer called on people to reach out to Diana and help them try and work things out. His fans started to notice that he was just being playful, some noted that the star was just posting the controversial content to garner attention for his upcoming album.

It seems the fans were right as the star then followed up the word posts with cover art of his upcoming single, aptly titled Diana. 

The star noted that he would reveal everything about Diana in an upcoming single, which is set to debut on the 25th of November 2021.  Willy Paul posted the cover art again notifying his fans that the song would be in his upcoming album, The African Experience.

The star, however, backtracked on his previous statements as he noted that he hasn’t specified which Diana he is talking about and fans would have to listen to the song to find out the truth.   

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