Willy Paul Celebrates Legal Victory

Singer makes major announcement in case against Miss P

By  | Nov 13, 2021, 06:33 AM  | Willy Paul  | Drama

Willy Paul
Willy Paul has been going through a tough legal time this year. The singer has been fighting a legal battle since August, and he finally has some good news to share with his fans.

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The singer took to Instagram, yesterday, to announce that he had some good news to share about a court ruling. He posted a photo of him and Eve Mungai, a photo that appears to be a throwback to an earlier post in which willy Paul notes that the two are close and she has never made any allegations against him.

At the time, he also noted that he is Eve’s favorite artist and she is like a sister to him. Eve seemed to agree to this as she noted, in the comment section that Willy Paul was the best.
Someone who wouldn’t agree with Eve’s assessment of Willy Paul, is Miss P, a former signee of the crooner’s Saldido Records, Miss P accused Willy Paul of allegedly forcing her to have sex with him.   

Miss P announced this to the world during an interview with Presenter Ali on his show. The singer, who was sharing what she noted was her truth, alluded to the fact that Willy Paul wasn’t a good boss to her as he was taking advantage of her, as she was desperate to make it in the music industry.

Willy Paul immediately decided to take legal action against Miss P and announced his plans during an interview with his friend, Eve Mungai, on her Eve Mungai Show. It seems the singer kept his word, as he recently came out to announce that the case is going his way.

The singer shared some court documents that seem to insinuate the clip by Eve and Presenter Ali was defamatory and anyone found circulating it would be in trouble. The documents also pointed out that the video had to be pulled down immediately from Presenter Ali’s page. 

Miss P’s accusations had been making the rounds on the internet, and causing the singer some distress, his manager, King Kenon, must have felt the same as he finally decided to respond to Miss P’s allegations. 

Kenon’s interview came at a time when, NRG radio presenter, Atieno accused Willy Paul of sexually harassing her two years ago at his studios. He didn’t touch on Atieno’s issue as much. He, however, noted that the case filed against Miss P was still in court, and Willy Paull was suing her for defamation.

Willy Paul seems to have followed through on this in a bid to clear his name. Do you think this ruling fully vindicates the Jigi Jigi hitmaker?  
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