'The Reasons I Might Text Your Girl On Instagram'

Willy Paul opens up

By  | May 25, 2022, 02:10 PM  | Willy Paul  | Drama

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Willy Paul managed to make the news today by opening up on some of his behaviours. 

The gospel cum secular singer took to his Instagram today to reveal things to his followers that may have been curious. In the post, which was a video, Willy shared that there were reasons why a man in his position would slide into a girl's DM –and this will probably not just shock you, it's gonna make you laugh too.

The video was a bleached out Willy Paul in the passenger seat of what could be presumed is his car. Willy Paul made several points in the video which was tackling the reason why a man could slide into a girl's DMs. According to him, ladies should not misinterpret why a man wants to talk to her on DM. He continued by saying that every time a man slides in your DM isn’t to necessarily hit on her or get her into bed, apparently, men enter your DMs because they are just nice people that want to socialize. He added by saying that sometimes men enter the DMs just to get to know more about you –things like what you do, who you are, what‘ troubling’ you and so because of that, ladies should not interpret every single interaction like a man is trying to ‘get with’ her.

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Admittedly, one would definitely understand why the star would go onto his Tiktok to say these things. Willy Paul has definitely been around the block, he has had his fair share of female allegations and cases. Just a few months ago, Willy Paul was accused by his former signee Miss P of solicitation for s** to be signed Miss P revealed on her youtube channel that she was forced to have s** with the ‘I DO’ hit maker in order to get her music put out by the recording studios.

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Willy Paul chose to keep quiet about the issue and decided to focus on his music, as he took the matter to court for the law to handle it. Recently, the Saldido International head honcho took to his Instagram to announce that a ruling had been made in the case. Miss P was barred from defaming Willy Paul’s name ever again.
That isn’t the first time either, a little over a year ago, a young lady by the name of Ruth Kerubo came out sith some slanderous accusations against willy Paul. Ruth said that the singer had allegedly gotten her pregnant. She revealed that since getting pregnant, Willy Paul blocked her and she wanted reparations. Willy Paul took her to court and sued her for defamation as well, adding that hili lilikuwa iwe funzo kwa the other ladies that had the same idea. 
Clearly, Willy Paul has had more than his fair share of slanderous accusations from the ladies. With all the defamation court cases though, it's also clear that the singer wants nothing to do with people who attempt to get clout using his name. His video was a clear message to the girlies that plan to do so. 

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