Pozee Names Artist Who Can Support His Diana Story

He knows the truth

By  | Dec 10, 2021, 12:47 PM  | Willy Paul  | Drama

Willy Paul
Willy Paul has responded to Diana Marua’s video alleging that he attempted to rape her by name-dropping a couple of popular gospel artists who know the truth about the relationship with Diana Marua.
Following Diana’s video, Willy Paul took to his own YouTube account to defend himself. The singer was adamant that Diana was lying on her video when she said he attempted to rape her after forcefully locking her in his car and speeding off with her. Willy noted that Diana was narrating their story all wrong. He noted that he could also recall the day that Diana was talking about in her video.
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Willy Paul, however, had a different view of what happened on the day. He noted that the two had discussed meeting up on Instagram and that is how he went to pick her up in Syokimau. He pointed out that Diana slept over at his place, and asked her to tell her husband what really happened that night.
Willy Paul queried that if her story was indeed true, Diana would have come out to tell the world earlier. He noted that the issue came about when he released a diss track that the Bahatis’ thought was about them. 
The singer noted that he and Bahati (Diana’s husband) have a long-running feud and alleged that the two of them (Diana and Bahati) are conspiring to bring him down with the video. 
In her video, Diana claimed to have information about other women who have allegedly gone through the same ordeal as in the hands of Willy Paul. To this, willy Paul responded by noting that he feels like DK Kwenye Beat, a popular gospel producer, who used to work with him but now works with Bahati, was the one feeding Diana false information about him and other girls.
Willy Paul went on to say that Diana was crying crocodile tears in her video. He pointed out that the popular YouTuber was going through the whole song and dance routine in order to avoid telling her husband, Bahati, the truth about the true nature of her relationship with Willy Paul.

He knows the truth 

The singer further noted that another popular gospel musician, Weezdom, could be able to back up his claims that he and Diana had a relationship. He noted that Weezdom was present at one point when he and Diana were talking on the phone about meeting up. 
Willy Paul also added that he confessed to Weezdom that he and Diana had a one-night stand, and alleged that Weezdom asked Diana about it and she confirmed it to be true but didn’t want Bahati to find out about it. 
Upon getting wind of this Weezdom responded on his Instagram by posting a TBT picture of himself, Willy Paul, and Bahati together.
He captioned the picture, letting fans know that the three were like brothers and they would solve the issues amongst themselves.
In his video, Willy Paul pointed out that he had forgiven Diana for what she had done. However, he followed up the video with a press release in which he noted that he would be taking the legal route to deal with what Diana had alleged.
He noted that her statement was defamatory, and was ruining his reputation.

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