‘’My Seed Is A Blessing’’- Willy Paul On Hitting Women's DMs

You are blessed if I hit on you

By  | Jul 14, 2020, 07:48 AM  | Willy Paul  | Drama

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Willy Paul is one of those guys who feel like the whole world revolves around him and is too full of himself. The musician won’t back down when it comes to bragging about how desirable he is to women for his good looks and affluence, but most importantly, calms their fears when it comes to having a ‘’blessed seed.’’ I am sure you get me on this one.

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During an interview with Jalang'o, he addressed the issue of the women who keep exposing him for sliding in their DMs. Willy Paul responded to the allegations by calling the lasses who expose him a terrible name.
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''If I chat with you in your DM and you go expose it out there then you're stupid. Settle and let’s talk stop all those extra things because one thing is that my seed is a blessing!

It’s just that girls don’t know. A seed that comes from me to you, can be a blessing in their life. Completely change your life. God's plan is amazing. Even if you get pregnant by me you will give birth to a very tough and intelligent baby just like me.''
This also prompted Jalang'o to ask him about Nandy, the Tanzanian artist who had been rumored to be his girlfriend. It should also be remembered that Willy Paul has also confessed to being married, so we clearly don’t know what he is doing in women’s DMs but that is also none of our business.
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Anyway, in Nandy’s case, Willy Paul said they had a music/work relationship and that is just about it but people will always want to create a story.

He also bragged that he is a man who is desired by pretty ladies and that is why you will find him being associated with so many pretty girls.

Well for those of us watching from the sidelines, best believe that this pompous nature of Willy Paul and the way he has packaged it will all ‘end in tears.’

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