"My Life Is In Danger!"

Willy Paul sounds alarm

By  | Jul 07, 2021, 04:22 PM  | Willy Paul  | Drama

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Willy Paul has been on the news for a while now. A part of why he has been all over having largely been due to the scandalous posts he has been making of late, many of them akin to those that Ringtone does on a regular basis.
Many people think said posts are jokes and nothing more, assuming that he has just been pulling the public's leg over the alleged scandals that he has cooked up.

However, the singer has just come out with some news that may just send chills down your spine.
Hours ago, Willy Paul took to his Instagram account to announce that he believes his life is now in danger because of the things he has been saying on Instagram about the music industry and how people in the industry have actually been making money!

In the post, he said;
"My sister Size 8, my eyes are closed in this photo. If i open them nijipate hujani unblock nitajua kweli hupendi mungu. The word of God says forgive na pia usijudge. Right Now My life iko in danger naeza Finywa any time just because i spoke my mind. Mungu nisaidie wewe ndiye nfinyanzi na wengine ni kasheshe tu Baba..."
What was peculiar the most about the post was that he called out to Size 8 who he accused of blocking him on all fronts of social media.
According to Willy, the two have not spoken in years due to an alleged feud between the two. He says that she was so disappointed in him because he left the gospel industry and abandoned God with the kind of music that he was now making for his fanbase.

This was not the first time he called her out on social media either. The first time was last week when he took to his account to reveal that she had left him, was not picking his calls, and had ostracised him when he simply wanted to be 'himself' in music, saying that he felt the gospel industry was too toxic for him to survive in.
Over the past two weeks, Willy Paul hinted that the people working in the industry were not honest at all as to how they made their money.
He gave a shocking reveal the other day, saying that male artists were practising prostitution to make their money, and all the ballers we see are not really ballers!
It wouldn't be a surprise to find out that he was in fact right because the truth is that saying some hidden things no matter the industry you are in indeed could get you in trouble with the big bosses said industry. It is not the first time extrajudicial killings have happened in the country after all!
Many people are taking what he is saying with a pinch of salt but we are all still very keenly listening to what he has to say because as the adage goes, in every lie there is a truth.

What do you think of his allegations? Is willy Paul really having his life threatened or are his allegations h*****h and he is just looking for numbers for his album launch?
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