“...Found GOLIATH In My Kitchen” Willy Paul Throws Shade At Ratchet Slay Queen Shakilla As More Drama Ensues

By  | Oct 16, 2020, 06:52 AM  | Willy Paul  | Drama

We reported that wannabe socialite Shakilla found herself in hot soup after being ‘set up’ by Willy Paul. Allegedly, the teenage ratchet Instagram celebrity wannabe forced her way into the controversial singer’s house, prompting him to call the cops on her.

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The singer has taken to Instagram to further call out the socialite further for her unwelcome home crashing. He exclusively talked to Nairobi Gossip Club about his misfortunes when he dealt with the fame-hungry socialite.

“I don’t really think that girl is okay mentally. She needs to see a doctor,” Willy Paul claimed. 

He went on to say that he started receiving strange calls from a new number. The girl identified herself as Tiffany. The “Mpenzi” singer told her off and demanded that she do not call back.

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It was much later that Willy Paul got a call from a girl who was staying at his house. That’s when hell broke loose.

“Mwenye alikua home akani call and was like, ‘hey there’s a girl by the name Tiffany here and anasema she’s ur business partner’”, Willy Paul reported.

Willy Paul said that she requested the lady to take photos of the girl ‘chini ya maji’ and send her. That’s when he realized that it was Shakilla.

“I took two of my boys tukaenda nao kwangu and found GOLIATH in my kitchen. First thing I did ni kuuliza anafanya nini hapo na amefika aje kwangu..akasema we have a mutual friend..” the angry siner narrated.
Willy claims that when he called the said mutual friend, she claimed that she doesn't know Shakilla.

That’s how he ended up calling cops on her. It is hard to know who to believe in this story; as nowadays it’s hard for someone to just come into someone’s house, without a motive, unarmed and risking his or her life unknowingly.

It is worth noting that a while back, a young boy visited Octopizzo’s house. He ended up dying after the rapper confronted him and he allegedly jumped from the window of a storey apartment. Do you think Willy Paul is real?