Willy Paul’s Manager Responds To Miss P

Was she lying?

By  | Oct 04, 2021, 08:15 AM  | Drama

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Willy Paul’s manager, King Kenon has finally decided to respond to Miss P’s allegations that the singer sexually assaulted her. This times at a time when so many sexual allegations have been brought forward by ladies trying to ‘tarnish’ the name of the singer. Over the weekend, NRG radio presenter, Atieno accused Willy Paul of sexually harassing her two years ago at his studios.

King Kenon says that these accusations are not true and folks out here are just trying to use the singer’s name to gain fame and to chase clout. 

Wakenya wana misuse jina y aPozze sana. Because inawasaidida kulipa bills. Inawasaidia kugrow. Way back, kuna huy socialite alirise juu ya jina ya Poze. 

The manager was talking to Mungai Eve and when he was asked why Willy Paul has always been in the spotlight for such accusations, he said the minute you use Willy Paul’s name, you ‘grow’ your brand.                                                                            
People have been attacking him day and night. Wamerealise the minute unatumia jina ya Willy Paul, brand yako ina grow.

As you could have guessed, Mungai brought the conversation about Miss P, and honestly, things are turning out to be a little ugly. We didn’t know we’d get here. The manager accused Miss P of lying and that everything that happened between Willy Paul and her was out of her own free will. Nobody forced her, he said. She also accused Miss P’s mother of trying to ‘sell’ her daughter to Willy Paul but then he didn’t give in and that is when the problems started. 

 Nmber one, Miss P, she wasn’t known. No one kne about Miss P. We literally took her and we signed her. We invested everything in her. Theses two had an affair and the mom knew. Nobody was forced. She new because Pozze used to drop her home. It reached a point where Willy Paul was being given the lady like, now she is your responsibility take her. It was like she was being sold to him. He was supposed to take the lady and take care of her. It was you being given a wife. 

King Kenon said that it reached a point where Willy Paul couldn’t take it anymore. He was pressurized by Miss P in their relationship and her mother. The manager said that the interview that Miss P did was out of line and most of it was pure propaganda.

My artist was like enough is enough I can’t take it anymore. The mom is demanding money and the lady is demanding a relationship. It became too much. By the time she did that video, we didn’t expect it. it was a blow to us. Whatever was said was 99 percent propaganda. 
According to the manager, the case filed against Miss P is still in court. Willy Paull sued her for defamation and they are supposed to have a hearing soon. What do you think is the truth? Now that you have heard both sides of the story, what do you believe?

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