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Diana blamed for Bahati’s misconduct

By  | Jun 09, 2021, 01:48 PM  | Drama

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Diana Marua and her husband Bahati have been making headlines lately. Just the other day, Bahati released a one-minute dis song where he was throwing shade to top rappers like Sauti Sol, Octopizzo, Khaligraph and Ringtone. 

Part of the song goes like this:

Mimi ni Bahati mama yako akinipenda niite baba wa kambo. Uliza SAUTI SOL Founder
Wakufungua Label Wakati Wana – Sign Nishaa DISMISS KitamboWasanii kwa uwanja na deal na hao kirambo...mziki sio kiki makali kama panga. Mwisho wa maneno Ringtone nakuvisha kanga. Pole Octopizzo, mzungu ulipata ukashindwa kujipanga sina urafiki wa utoto peremende leo mtajua ukweli wa kifo cha mende, Mr Omolo kwa gym matembe, Daddy Owen ulichotewa mbaiby.

Celebrities like Khaligraph Jones were quick to respond to the track.

Saa Zile mnakimbia Ku Clout Chase na Jina Ya Omollo Alafu me Nawaibia iyo Slang mumetumia kunitusi nayo natangeneza Nayo Banger, its a Different Ball Game. The OG shall be respected. On Friday I drop this pale YouTube. Be ready.

As Bahati drops a new song every day, fans think that he is slowly joining the secular world slowly. He has never admitted anything but he still releases songs that are not really praising God.  

With every new post on the Bahati’s, fans are quick to judge and throw a little bit of hate here and there especially on Diana’s pics. Fans are advising her to tell her husband to go back to the Godly ways while some are telling her that she has failed as a wife. This makes me ask one question, is it the job of a wife to ensure that the husband is ‘behaving’ properly? Bahati is a grown man. He can make decisions for himself, he knows what is wrong and what is right.  

Fans should just give the Bahati’s a break.  Everyone should live their own lives. It is even rude to pry into another person’s life. If Diana feels okay, if she is comfortable with Bahati’s songs, people should just let her be.

Below are some comments from her Instagram.

The thing is ushampoteza mtoto wa mama.. Mmmh wife material

What changed your husband???

 Your man amenichosha inbox ama nitume screenshot

Please preachia baha arudi kwa Mungu... Ni kama anapotea... Ama mimi ndio sielewi kile kinaendelea?
 Just shut up for a moment,by the way who cares.

my people whose.content iliisha but nganganeni😂😂

Mkiwa na your husband leo mmeamua kutuonyesha your true colors 😂

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