"I Am Barren Because Of Him" - Wema Sepetu Cries With Regrets

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Diamond’s ex lover and Tanzanian actress and beauty queen Wema Sepetu is certain that she was cursed by her late ex-lover Steven Charles Kanumba.

Steven Charles Kanumba was a Tanzanian actor and director. Kanumba died in 2012 at the age of 28, for which actress Elizabeth Michael was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced two years in prison in November 2017. 

Speaking during her show ‘Cook With Wema Sepetu’ the former Miss Tanzania hosted Kanumba’s mother.
In the snippet, Kanumba’s mom revealed that her son never introduced her to any other woman apart from Wema.

Wema and Kanumba’s mom are still very close even though the relationship between Kanumba and Wema ended. 

In the video Wema said she feels as if Kanumba left a curse on her. The emotional Sepetu said that she felt as though the late actor left a curse since she had aborted two of his pregnancies. She revealed that the first pregnancy was an agreement while she removed the second pregnancy in secret without notifying Kanumba.

In a past interview, Wema claimed the same thing. The former Miss Tanzania explained that the late Kanumba was not pleased with the fact that she went behind his back and aborted twice. According to Wema, he ‘cursed’ her womb as a result.
Speaking during the interview, Wema Sepetu confessed that Kanumba made it known to her that she would never conceive with another man. 

“Wewe mwanamke nakudai, nakudai watoto wangu wewe, hutoweza kuja kupata mtoto na mwanaume mwingine yeyote yule,” 

In a previous interview with Global Publishers Wema explained that she could not keep the pregnancies at the time because she was young and afraid of what her parents would think of her. She did not want to humiliate them as they were looking up to her, hence her decision. 

“Naomba niwe mkweli sijawahi kutoa mimba zaidi ya marehemu Steven Kanumba, na nilitoa kwa kuwahofia wazazi wangu kwa kuwa nilikuwa bado mdogo hivyo nilikuwa na hofu nitajieleza vipi kwa wazazi wangu,”

Kanumba’s mom reached out in an interview saying she would love to meet with Wema and take her to church if in deed she believed she was cursed.

Their meeting finally came to be on Wema’s cooking show. 

Wema Sepetu was dating Kanumba before she got into a relationship with Diamond Platnumz.

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