WaJesus Family Seen Overspeeding (Photo)

Just after burying their grandpa...

By  | Nov 04, 2020, 08:55 AM  | Drama

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Controversial Christian couple WaJesus Family are trending once again. This time around, it is because of something unexpected. The couple, who in the video is seen driving a Toyota, overspeeding and recorded it on Instagram.

We all know that the current speed limits are between 50kph and 110kph, depending on whether you are in town or on the outskirts...or more importantly, highway.

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The driver - Kabi’s wife Milly - was hitting 160kph, and they recorded it. Kabi is seen insisting that his wife is overspeeding, and she downplays it. They argue about the speed record.

“Halafu unajua uko karibu 160,” Kabi said.

“Ni juu ananiongelesha,” Milly responds. 

She alludes to the fact that she may be distracted by her husband, hence the overspeeding. How could she not monitor the speed, just because she was talking?

“140 imereduce...nikianza kushoot ilikuwa 160 nikaona imeshuka. Weh hata siwezi kutrust na Audi huku wewe...unaweza ioverwork,” Kabi insists.

Here's a screenshot of their reckless speed:

The Audi he is referring to is the one that they ‘acquired’ recently after returning the previous one that they had. The ‘new’ Audi Q5 is more sturdy and has better offroad performance than the previous A5 that they had. They felt that it was smaller and would not do well on Kenyan roads.

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Since they acquired the new Q5, they haven’t been seen driving it. The couple has been mourning of late. It is quite interesting seeing them drive at that speed, just after they buried their grandpa the other day. Don’t they care about their lives? Or are they being controversial as usual? Remember they said that they pray before having sex! Anyway, we move on!

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