Video Of Lulu Hassan Acting Jealous Goes Viral

Do you think she was jealous?

By  | May 10, 2022, 11:45 AM  | Drama

Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla
A video showing Lulu Hassan acting jealous over a dance between her husband Rashid Abdalla and popular singer Jovial has gone viral.

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The video was posted by a Twitter user who goes by the name @beth_kasinga. In the video, Rashid who was celebrating his 40th birthday party (which Lulu had planned for him by the way) was in the middle of dancing with Jovial when out of nowhere Lulu came to interrupt their almost-sweet moment together.

This certainly showed Lulu’s jealous side, even though she seemed to be joking, the Twitter user who posted the clip noted that on her part she wouldn’t let another woman dance with her man as well if she was present with him. 

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This show of Lulu’s jealous side comes a few days after Rashid caused a stir online after he posted a photo of his colleague Monica Kiragu wishing her a happy birthday. 

The excitement sprang from the way Rashid addressed her, not the happy birthday. Because Rashid referred to Monica as "babe" in his post, netizens were interested in the moniker, which is usually used to refer to lovers.

Is Monica Rashid's lover? Certainly not, but their relationship has always been a priority. Monica replied to the post with the same title, but this time she included the word bro to clarify things.

Monica's birthday was also celebrated by Lulu Hassan, who wished her a happy birthday and referred to her as "babe." Alaa! A photo of Lulu, Rashid, and Monica in the studio accompanied the birthday greeting.

Clearly, the three are good friends, and it appears that they refer to each other in their circle as Babe. Regardless, the post did not go unnoticed by netizens, who all had something to say about it.

Rashid's party was certainly a big event and some of the best moments to come out of it included Lulu showing fans that she can still party with the best of them.  A video of her dancing surfaced on the internet, and let me tell you something Maina, everyones’ favorite TV anchor has some moves.    

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The video, which was taken during her husband’s (Rashid Abdalla’s) birthday was shared on Instagram and showed everyone having so much fun during the big day. Rashid on his part was clad in some fancy Arabian garb and was also on the dancefloor having a tango with one of the guests.

As Rashid was busy tearing up the dancefloor, to a live performance by Jovial, who was singing her hit song, Mi Amor, Lulu couldn’t let him steal the limelight all by himself as she took to the dancefloor to show that she can also get down with the best of them.

The star proceeded to shake her behind, and even though it was only for a second that is what the fans noticed the most as they took to the comment section to heap Lulu with some praise for her skills. 

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