Vera Sidika Attacks Her In-Laws


By  | Dec 18, 2020, 09:33 AM  | Vera Sidika  | Drama

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Veteran socialite Vera Sidika is tired of her in-laws. The newly married lass has been the talk of town after she posted semi-nude pics of herself.

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Fans were not pleased with the newly married entrepreneur. The former socialite who has been keeping a low profile ever since marrying Brown Mauzo unveiled a never seen before thirst trap. 

The photo revealed her behind completely, making it uncomfortable for her fans who now see her as a married lady.

In the photo, Vera is only dressed in fishnet stockings, silver high heeled boots and a top of sorts. 
Most fans went on to remind Vera Sidika that she is now a married woman; who should preserve her body for her husband’s eyes only.

Her husband, coast-based singer Brown Mauzo doesn’t seem to mind that commenters are promising to use the photo to pleasure themselves later, in the privacy of their homes. Brown celebrated Vera’s move to post the photo with love emojis.
Having come across the many comments left by fans pushing her step out in more decent outfits; Vera went on to respond by telling off her haters especially since her husband sees no issue with this.

She responded to her critics saying;

....and Social media in-laws🙆‍♀️. Ati oh you’re a married woman now you shouldn’t dress like that. Oh you’re too old for this 😂🤣 who said married women can’t be sexy?? Am I to look like a potato sack now that I’m married? 😂😩 my husband isn’t complaining. So, Who are you to complain? Stop Taking panadol for my headache 😂😂😂 I will post sexy even when I’m 90 & toothless 🤷‍♀️”

Fans responded to the message with thoughts of their own;

prodigl2 You are already toothless😂!!umesahau pia meno ni ya plastic😂😂

dianadavine.m The marriage part is what we don’t believe the dressing is as per usual

rashidasman Get married first 😂😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂sasa mnaexpect afanye surgery ya mamilioni ndio azifunike na nguo?

mercy_ramsey Wewe nikuulize !?ulosikia wapi Adam and Eve walikuwa wakivaa nguo.🤣🤣 kierehere yetu ya kuvaa nguo ndio maana mungu ametuacha

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