Vera Opens Up About Abusive, Dubai Ex

She lived at the Burj Khalifa with the wealthy Nigerian.

By  | Mar 17, 2023, 09:13 AM  | Vera Sidika  | Drama

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Vera Sidika addressed a dark period of her life on the latest episode of the Real Housewives of Nairobi.

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The socialite opened up about her abusive relationship when she lived in Dubai with her rich Nigerian ex boyfriend called Yommy Johnson.

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Remembering the pain, Vera broke down what really happened during a heart-to-heart conversation with co-star Lisa Christoffersen:

"I was in a situation where there was domestic abuse. He was staying at the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. I used to live there with him. And then he showed me a side of him that I didn't really expect. And at that point I said, 'You know what? It's done!' - I heard that when it happens once, it happens again. I didn't want it to happen again."

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How it happened
Vera's storybook Dubai romance ended in tears back in June 2017. Vera shared on social media a video of the assault incident as Yomi tried to grab her phone to stop her from recording.

Vera went on to write a long rant calling her ex a fraud, a cheat and a liar:

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“I don’t know anyone who can tolerate B.S like I did, get publicly ridiculed over a lie & still ignore it all! I have tried so hard to be calm. I had promised myself a peaceful & calm break up I remember telling my ex I don’t want drama just want us to go separate ways peacefully without social media bullshit. But nope! His aim was this! To drag my name & image.

I remember him saying he will make my life miserable. I remember him saying he will do drama. I remember him saying he’s gonna use people, my enemies etc... for drama to bring me down coz doing it himself would make him look bad. I never wanted to believe all this until I got numerous screenshots a week back that he’s being going about blogs claiming he dumped me. Which is a lie. I ended the relationship.

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But that doesn’t matter, that’s why I ignored when people sent me the story. But dude! I shared images with u in confidence & u do this? 😳😡😤 really! Honestly, whether u leaked my nude pics to blogs or sent to your friends who passed it around & it ended up on blogs. It’s just WRONG!! Nobody should do such to someone they claim they once loved. No one! I was minding my business. I was calm. But u just pressed the wrong button!

All I wanted was to ignore & let it fade away but I think the world deserves to know the TRUTH! I officially ended my relationship on May 11th as you can see & it’s been nothing but hell for me. Deep in my mind I slowly wanted out. When I left Dubai in January I got back to Kenya the first thing I did was delete pics from IG coz I felt I have sacrificed enough & can't continue doing so for someone that doesn’t appreciate it. No relationship is easy.

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May- This was the time I wanted no more & after my break up when asked on a tv interview if I’m in a relationship all I did was say I’m single! That’s when drama started. My ex started sending me texts claiming I publicly embarrassed him for saying I’m single! In an interview done 2 weeks after. I still don’t know his motives but whatever it is. This was part of his plan.

He goes around saying shit about me. Creating lies after we broke up. And when I said ok tv I’m single he attacks me for saying that. Saying I disgraced him for claiming single. Saying he will do drama on me, get someone to use & do drama. I’m just sick and tired of this B.S 😒“
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