The Cost Of Vera Sidika’s Baby Shower

Kumbe alichangiwa?

By  | Oct 12, 2021, 08:48 AM  | Vera Sidika  | Drama

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Vera Sidika’s baby shower cost a rough one hundred thousand. This is according to a receipt shared by the tea master. According to him Vera Sidika’s friends actually contributed to this shower, something that has made fans crucify Vera. This is because she previously talked about how she is planning by herself because no one can give Vera what Vera wants apart from her, so she said that she would plan it all.
The baby shower happened over the weekend and celebs like Diana Marua, Eric Omondi, and Cuppie graced the event. Vera decided to share photos of the event alongside some of the caterers that came through for her.
Vera tagged a food vendor, Mialle, and apparently, the photo that Vera shared was taken in 2019. Err, sis, are you lying? Why would she share old photos? After the tea master pointed that out, Vera became so defensive taking paragraphs to her instastories talking about how poor people have nothing and that is why they keep on talking about her. 

Haters will hate in single rooms at a party that they did not even attend. If someone has lost their food and drinks I am here, come and demand it. these dirty mosquitoes always taking Panadol for my headache. They have never seen a baby shower like this in their lives.
One follower of the tea master revealed that there was no food in Vera’s baby shower and wueh, didn’t she clap back! According to Vera, the food set p was done at a faraway place and not where the guests were mingling, well, okay, that kinda makes sense. Can you imagine a party without food? That should be an email.

The problem with people is that they don’t understand that in high end parties food and buffet setups are done away from the décor setups. Wamezoea sana cheap parties. They also don’t know that plates for décor are in most cases not necessarily used as serving plates. They are décor!
So Vera Sidika’s pregnancy news has come with a lot. A lot of good vibes and a lot of drama. She did the tik tok challenge for expectant mothers and fans accused her of copying Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee. At her gender reveal party, there was also a lot of drama as comedian Akuku Danger accused Vera of not paying him and his crew for the services they provided at the party.

People! Thanks to each one of you for the concern about the recent happenings on the streets.She finally reached out and we were able to sort our issues Amicably, she is going through a lot of things and I have understood her. Wacha Turudi Kazi sasa. Good Evening

Wueh! I think t is time for this baby to come because there is so much drama revolved around her. Also, Vera has a lot of time to respond to these hateful comments isn’t she tired. As she said, haters are always going to hate, no matter what you do but then again she is giving so much of her time to them. Anyway, good luck to Vera, and we wish her a safe delivery.

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