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Vera Sidika's fans not happy

By  | Oct 03, 2021, 04:15 PM  | Vera Sidika  | Drama

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Vera Sidika’s people are growing more and more impatient by the day –both haters and fans, and maybe, just maybe, you may be growing impatient too!

It all started when Vera Sidika took to her Instagram account to post a video of the celebrations of her 32nd birthday. The video, which was originally a very simple flick of herself dancing with her husband Brown Mauzo at the Airbnb that they had leased for her birthday at Watamu showed a very made-up Vera wearing a tight blue ensemble dancing with Mauzo happily, belly fully in view.

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The video was her very first post on Tiktok which she admitted via the caption she only did because her fans were pressuring her to. She also said that she was enjoying her pregnancy because she had a few weeks to go before Kenyan’s new social media princess came into the world!

This was probably where the pressure began and some people started complaining.

People began commenting that Vera has been pregnant the entire year and had no baby to show off it! Plenty of comments talking about ‘You’ve been pregnant the whole year already’ others asking why her belly was so big, some even said that they thought it was Photoshop because of how long it had lasted.

A point to note would be that her belly was almost as big as her behind! Vera looked ready to pop any time soon!

Ever since Vera announced her pregnancy earlier this year, it has been a journey and a half for both her and her eagerly waiting fans. She announced the pregnancy with a huge online launch full even with a heartfelt video and an entire photoshoot, just I case you doubted how excited she was about this whole thing.

Literally, since then, Vera has made her pregnancy her sole focus and had battled many obstacles through from proving her pregnancy is real to
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However, she has still done the darn thing over and over again and has made sure that she has celebrated every single day of her pregnancy even if things looked grim for her at times. Now her pregnancy will be coming to an end in a few weeks and Vera just might be the very first female to not want it to be over already! She has talked endlessly about how smooth this has been for her –She did not experience morning sickness, she did not get swelled feet, she was not stressed out (Mauzo made sure of that) she didn’t even get stretch marks!

Talk about an easy pregnancy. All Vera Sidika did is glow in happiness. Who would blame her for wanting it to last?

Even so, her fans are ready for it to end already! While happy for the most part, her pregnancy was eventful, and it’s taken a lot from everybody and it still is because we’re still anxiously waiting for her little angel!

So the baby isn’t here yet and she won’t be for a while after this, but believe us, when she does come into the world –it’s going to be pretty big for everybody involved. 
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