Brown Mauzo's Baby Mama Who Made Vera Cry On RHONairobi

Meet Fatma.

By  | Mar 17, 2023, 01:36 PM  | Vera Sidika  | Drama

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Vera Sidika had an emotional moment on episode four of the Real Housewives of Nairobi. And it was all to do with her hubby Brown Mauzo and his relationship (or lack thereof) with his two children from two previous relationships.

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The RHONairobi girls were out for a glam all-white lunch gathering hosted by Susan Kaittany. But what started as a gossip sesh for dissing co-star Minne Kariuki for her dramatic outburst in the previous episode, quickly turned into an emotional trainwreck when Vera turned the conversation towards Susan's post-divorce arrangements and coping mechanisms.

When host Susan asks why Vera is interested about her co-parenting situation, the socialite replies, “My husband has other kids. He's not been able to see his kids for about two years. And it makes me feel bad.”

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Sonal Maherali then asks why it's happening and whether Brown Mauzo's baby mamas are punishing him for choosing Vera. “He really tries to see them. Sometimes he goes to the school. They even change schools,” replies Vera, who proceeds to get very emotional.
In her confessional video about he breakdown, Vera dishes more details: "We're going through a little bit of a challenge with my husband. He has kids with other women- two. And he's not been able to see his kid."

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Meet Fatma
We don't know much about Brown Mauzo's baby mamas, but one of them called Fatma Idha has on various occasions come out publicly to accuse him of being a deadbeat dad to their child.

Brown Mauzo and Fatma share a three-year-old daughter called Lareesa. The two were married for a while and ended up divorcing before Brown and Vera hooked up.

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Fatma and Vera have previously gotten into an online catfight after Fatma said that Brown Mauzo only sent 1,500 bob for child support. She also lamented that Lareesa only ever wore second hand clothes from Gikomba.

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Back in 2021, Vera fired back at Fatma in a series of Instagram posts where she blasted her for using Lareesa as just a means to trap Brown Mauzo.

“I was talking about baby mamas who trapped men with kids thinking kids will keep him and they are now bitter. They’d call a man at 2am pretending to be baby’s matter just to cry and beg him to be with her yet the man moved on. Blackmailing a baby daddy who sends money every month, that the only way to see the kid is if he will date her and sleep in the same house,” wrote Vera.

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She went on to add, “Telling them they’ll remove his names and change the kids name, telling them they’ll throw the kids out in the dustbin if they don’t come back together. Even randomly beating up the child for no reason because of bitterness, those bitter ones who are so full of drama, calling their baby daddy’s wife every time and abusing them. You can never force a man to be with you.”

Vera then ended her rant with advice for Fatma: “I think a 26-year-old, two times divorcée should just focus on bringing up their kids in a peaceful environment rather than create lies and tarnish one baby daddy to gain followers.”
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