Vera Sidika Sparks Supernatural Rumors!

Does she have powers?

By  | Jul 17, 2021, 02:32 PM  | Drama

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Ever since Queen Vee came back to Kenya she has been completely killing the game when it comes to social media and showing us her amazing life! She came back with a whole husband who adored her (Mauzo literally just uploaded a song dedicated to Vera -that many people actually think is a flop!) and seemed like she had found the very love of her life over during her travels because she came back a changed woman... but maybe a little bit too changed...

Not only was her demeanour completely different and her attitude a complete 360 from the focused, stern, hurt woman that had left the country amidst rumours that she did not have a boyfriend but instead was a sugar mama to her ex Otile Brown; this time she was a bigger woman both in emotional stature and mental growth -she had evolved into a completely different person. It's even more obvious when you take a look at her instgram profile. A woman that never smiled in her pictures and just posted selfies and snapshots of her body had suddenly turned into a ball of happiness because her life was going so well!

Her pregnancy, however, was a completely different ballgame. Many thought that she was happy because of her new boyfriend but we all know what really going on -She was a different woman because she was finally pregnant and could not wait to bring her new child into the world.
What is most peculiar however has been the fact that Vera Sidkika, throughout showcasing her pregnancy, has been showcasing some other slightly questionable things!
People are starting to think that Vera has gained superpowers through this pregnancy!
It first started when she made an announcement that was meant to be wholesome but instead turned eerie and suspicious! Vera took to er Instagramveal that she had in fact predicted not just her pregnancy, she had also predicted the date and the circumstances sounding her pregnancy down to a T a shocking 3 years ago!
In her very first song Nalia, which she released after her extremely difficult breakup with star Otile Brown she revealed she had known the time of her pregnancy and marriage in that video to be three years to come, on the 10th of November, only to reveal that her actual due date was on 5th of November this year! She had been off by a measly 5 days.

Now the allegations seem to be gaining track because her latest adversary just suffered the biggest loss anyone could during a pandemic.
Akuku Danger, the comedian that had been in a rather intense fight with Vera for the past week has just lost all of his belongings to a house fire.
It seemed rather weird that this would happen right after he beefed with Vera, and she was forced to comment.
She said that had no ill will towards this man, but her followers found it extremely interesting that this would happen after just a week. 

Do you think she's getting some 'extra terrestrial' powers from her pregnancy? 
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