Vera Sidika Celebrates 10 Years Of Fame.

It has been a ride

By  | Sep 21, 2022, 07:16 PM  | Drama

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Retired socialite Shikwekwe Mung'asia also known as Vera Sidika is in a celebratory mood as she marks her 10 years of fame. The socialite took to her Instagram to announce this taking pride in the fact that she keeps people talking even when she has taken a break from the streets of social media.

According to Vera, December the 17th will mark exactly 10 years since the controversial video that brought her to fame was released.Sidika’s career took off in 2012 when she starred in a music video for P-Unit's song “You Guy”. She gained a lot of attention as a hot new model and became popular.

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Since then, the socialite took a deep dive into fame and controversy. She has always been controversial and she doesn't blink twice about it. She does what she wants and will not compromise just to please a few critics. She calls herself a boss, lives like a queen and is unapologetic.

In 2014, she landed yet another role in a music video called “My Gal” by Prezzo. The following year, the young vixen starred in another music video, “Ebaeno”, by Nigerian musicians KCSkiibii and Harrysong.

Sidika’s biggest break was in December 2015, when the young model starred in a reality TV show, “Nairobi Diaries.” However, this did not last long.

Just a few weeks before Vera Sidika left the show, she had a massive showdown with a fellow socialite Pendo.

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Both had a common love interest in Nigerian singer Davido. This led to an intense confrontation between the two.

Later on, Sidika wanted a few scenes from their brawl to be edited out but the producers of the show went on and aired the show without removing any of the scenes.
She was portrayed as the antagonist and Vera Sidika opted out of the show. Her departure didn’t negate her rise. In fact, it propelled her career forward.

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Vera Sidika also co-hosted a show titled “Hello Mr Right” with Dr. Ofweneke.

In matters relationships, Sidika has dated several guys that have left us talking out of the dramatic breakups that accompanied those relationships. To start with, Sidika dated Tanzanian doctor Jimmy Chansa. The two were photographed together many times and pictures of the gorgeous couple were all over social media.

However, this relationship did not stand the test of time. Sidika claimed that it became toxic and she had to leave.

Sidika also dated musician Otile Brown and alleged that he was financially dependent on her

According to Vera, he was always borrowing money and expecting her to pay for things which is why Vera Sidika walked out of the relationship.

Vera is now married to popular Kenyan musician Brown Mauzo. The couple announced their pregnancy in June 2021. They also had a gender reveal party in which they announced they were going to have a baby girl.  She  is now a proud mother and uses any opportunity to show her daughter Asia Brown in public. 

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