Vanessa Mdee’s Boyfriend Rotimi Accused Of Physical Assault

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By  | Jun 26, 2020, 08:02 AM  | Vanessa Mdee  | Drama

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Could this be a turn of events? I mean barely two weeks ago we wrote about how Rotimi spoilt Vanessa Mdee on her birthday by putting on a very well thought presentation for her small lock down birthday, something that brought Vanessa to tears and melted hearts on social media.

Not so long before that, we had seen Rotimi surprise the songstress as she performed with a bouquet of flowers and a sweet message affirming his undying love for her. So where could all this physical assault news be coming from?

Well just like you, we are relieved to know that it is actually not Vanessa Mdee claiming she was physically assaulted. It is rather, Rotimi’s ex girlfriend.

This follows an interview done by Christina Rogers, Rotimis’ ex  which was shared by Edgar Obare , Kenya’s own gossip boy. The latter shared a link of the interview which exposes Rotimi’s disturbing past of anger and physical assault.

Check it out here:

Christina Rogers shared a detailed interview post through a website The B Werd; where she disclosed unknown details of her former relationship with Rotimi. For the first time, it was revealed that the actor had anger issues that contributed to their break up. In the answer and question post Christina was asked;

‘’What red flags came up early on in your relationship that you feel like you ignored?’’

To which she responded saying…

‘’The first red flag was his anger outburst a few months into our relationship. I didn’t think it would be a normal occurance so I let it slide. After that, it worsened of course and after every outburst there was growth which made me believe that he was getting better as a man. This was only a cover up for what the real issue was though. Once again my hope in him masked the dangerous truth.’’

Apart from being controlling Christina went on to open up telling the interviewee Courtney B how shocked and surprised she was after Rotimi hit her. 

Photo Credit: Christina Rogers

Photo credit: Uvumbi
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