Rotimi's Ex Surfaces To Warn Vanessa Mdee

Not everyone is cheering the happy couple

By  | Sep 12, 2021, 10:51 AM  | Vanessa Mdee  | Drama

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Not everyone is happy for Rotimi and Vanessa Mdee after the couple announced they were expecting their first child together. And one of the more vocal naysayers and haters is Rotimi's former girlfriend, Kim Opara.

Taking to her Instagram account, she shared a story in which she cast doubt on whether or not Rotimi would be as committed to his current relationship with Vanessa Mdee as he currently is in days to come. According to her, this is something she too experienced while dating the star.

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She's a TV presenter who once featured on Big Brother Nigeria (BBNaija) and as life goes, she dated Rotimi before he became as big and successful a star as he currently is.

Checking her out, one would have been forgiven for assuming Kim Opara had moved on a long time ago. She has been enjoying her career as a TV personality as well as a model. She has gotten to travel the world as a result of her successful career and is even a social media influencer. So why stoop to being this petty?

Or perhaps all that glitters is not gold. I don't know about you but I am I am getting the vibe that she didn't really move on. And I can relate to her. I know that I have two exes whose social media pages I sometimes stalk. And from time to time I get an update on their lives. We all do I guess. But that statement she made? Sheesh!

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And the reactions to this statement she has made came in fast and furious as everyone wanted to weigh in on the matter. A lot of Tanzanians and Kenyas too have weighed in on what she shared with most of them being less than supportive.

I mean, who does that? She had two years to talk but chose not to. It's only now that the couple is expecting their first child together that she has decided to "warn" Vanessa Mdee? Eish! Talk about giving off evil step sister vibes. She wants to rain in on Cinderella's -sorry, Vanessa Mdee's- parade.

Like, who even does something like that? That is messed up and the only thing that would result from this is to make yourself look petty. But anyway, as I was saying, Vera Sidika too weighed in on this in her stories.

But as can be expected, she made the entire saga about herself. She however said what we are all thinking about the matter. As in, why wait until they are at the cusp of their happily ever after to insert yourself back into their reality?

At least from what we can see, Rotimi and Vanessa Mdee have not responded to the hate. they are still too busy loving each other and preparing for the arrival of their child.

We here at Kelebrity continue to send them all the positivity we can muster. We hope love wins.

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