Two Times Mejja Tried To Kill Himself

Mental health battles

By  | Mar 16, 2021, 09:54 AM  | Drama

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Rapper Mejja revealed that he has suffered from mental health battles and had suicidal thoughts at one point in his life. In an interview with a local radio station, Mejja opened up on his struggles.

The Gengetone rapper revealed that a phone call from his mother stopped him from taking his life. "It was God that my mum called me at that particular time. I had a knife in the house at that time ready to stab myself."

"You just feel some rage that does not make sense. My mother called me at that time asking me where I was and I played along saying I was okay but she insisted I tell her where I was. I opened up to her on my suicidal thoughts and she told me to go to where she was immediately."

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The Bablas hitmaker revealed he contemplated suicide after his wife and mother of his child broke up with him via text with no explanation.

Mejja explained that he had signed a well-paying deal with a brewery in Thika and the two were on good terms having been in a relationship for 5 years.

"All of a sudden when I went to sign a contract I got a text asking me if I had arrived safely and I said I did. Then the next thing I got a text telling me to move on with my life. I thought the text was meant for someone else and she had mistakenly sent it to me," the Kuliendaje hitmaker lamented.

When he got home, he found his ex, the baby and the house help, together with a few household items, gone. Forced to deal with the situation alone, Mejja said he could not share his problems with friends thinking they would not understand.

"Suicide is a thought that crosses your mind, I can’t deny that. It crossed my mind but there was a friend who would come and we would hang out and when the suicidal thoughts crossed my mind we would start talking about stuff like football so he kept me busy and away from my thoughts," Mejja said.

"But the problem was at night because the negative thoughts would creep in when you are alone. I rarely slept at night," he noted.

Mejja and his second girlfriend whom they share a child with split and this also pushed him into depression. He could not understand why they had to end their union.

"It is confusing because we were just fine. I mean it would be less hurtful if I knew maybe there is something I did or she did that hurt us but it’s nothing like that," the Gengetone rapper said.

Mejja went on to urge people to keep close relationships and not covet what they see because it is not always the case.

“It’s good to talk about depression, if you have friends reach out, call them, and see them physically because they lie sometimes that they are okay and they are not… And don’t believe everything you see on social media, because if I didn’t tell you my story you would never know. Don't wish for someone's life because you don’t know their story.’’
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