TV Host Shocks Fans After Confessing to Period Sex

Too much information or cold hard facts?

By  | Oct 29, 2020, 05:17 AM  | Drama

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TV host Yummy Mummy is a notorious oversharer and she was at it again when it came to period sex. The mum-of-three revealed that her husband is like Moses, he is not afraid of parting the red sea. 😏
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While many men and even women are averse to the sight of blood and the smell during shark week, Yummy Mummy disclosed that she puts a towel or lesso and enjoys period sex.

This information has shocked many fans as we are still a prudish society while other women have admitted to doing it too.

See some of the reactions below:

Yycomedian: Mtu hawezi ngoja siku tatu tu😂😂....

l.maina._: aiii... vitu zingine si must mtuambie🚮🚮🚮💀😂

k_hot_msani: Unakula aje kitu inanyesha 🤔💔🙌siutapigwa na radi 😂😂💔🙌

slydamshi: I also don't find a problem with that🤷🤷

mkdush: Surely did we need to know😳

__.deelex.__: Fries taste better with tomato sauce on top🤗

def___ikraan___: Like😭

grancelmiriam: 😷😷😷😷aiii,hii nayo zi🙄🙄,it's awkward

akothmuga: I do this
multiple times
u.nder_score: Hapo kwanza unaitandika sawasawa

diana.bii: Some things are better left unsaid.

_.nyawir.a_: Naskia ati wakilamba wahisingi taste ya coin imerust💀😂😂😂 inataka watu roho ngumu ii🤣🤣

Allhailkingtasha: But it's not good neither enjoyable...I don't agree on this

Nancywanjirum: This gender though kent keep private matters private😢umebaki Sasa kutuambia with who🙌

Photo Credits: YummyMummyKe
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