The Best Youtubers In Kenya

Youtube kings and queens

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The rise of social media has seen thousands of people make a name out of it, and not just a name but an income.

 As such there are people whom if you don't follow on YouTube you miss out on a lot of fun, knowledge, and entertainment. Here are some of the top Youtubers you need to be following.

Thee Pluto

In 2022 Thee Pluto's Youtube channel emerged as the most-watched channel in the country and that tells you that he is on a good run with his loyalty test show.

The loyalty test basically helps couples in identifying if their partners are faithful or not. It has helped the content creator garner more than 750,000 followers on Youtube.
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Mungai Eve

Mungai Eve is the Youtuber to follow if you are interested in all the juice happening in the showbiz industry. Since she rose to the limelight in 2020 Mungai has been finding all the mushene with our celebrities and serving it raw.

At the moment she takes pride in having a following of more than 700 000 subscribers on Youtube.
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Her videos are directed by her boyfriend Trevor whom they have been together with since 2020. In a recent interview with Presenter Ali she revealed that she makes more than 1.5 million Kenya shillings a month through her Youtube channel.

Henry Desagu

The duke of Mwihoko is one of the most followed Youtube sensations in the country, with more than 660 000 subscribers to his channel. The economics graduate started his channel back in 2016 after job hunting for long with no success.
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 Over time he has created a brand for himself and earned several endorsements from different companies. 

His comedy revolves around topics of relationships, hustle, and ghetto life. It is Desagu who came up with the word Team Mafisi to reflect men who are thirsty for ladies.

Blessed Njugush

Since his rise to fame through the program Real House helps of Kawangware, Njugush has become a household name. 

The comedian has mastered the art of remaining relevant through the family skits he does together with his wife Wakavinye, and son Tugi. His comedy is a mix of day-to-day life events and witty political satire.
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His content has attracted more than 600 000 subscribers to his Youtube channel. It has additionally earned him endorsements with various companies among them Chandaria and Bountiful safaris.

The comedian has also been on the list of the top 100 most influential Kenyans for three consecutive years.

Crazy Kennar

What started as a way of having fun and killing boredom turned into a celebrated career for crazy Kennar. The comedian creates comical skits that reflect the life of Kenyan youths and that has earned him a huge following.

His Youtube channel Tales of Crazy Kennar has garnered over 570 000 subscribers, where he uploads at least three videos per week.
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The comedian has won several awards such as the Pulse Influencer Awards, and also featured in big shows like the Churchill show

Wa Jesus Family.

Kabi wa Jesus and Milly Wa Jesus are among the first couple that took on the challenge of opening up their lives to the public and documenting every bit of it on Youtube.

The couple receives love and hate in equal measures, and as much as this has its downside, it certainly comes with some good tidings. Their Youtube channel has so far gathered more than 600 000 subscribers with more than 300 videos uploaded.
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The wa Jesus family has not been without controversies as they have been accused in the past of living a fake life to having Kabi accused of siring a child out of wedlock with his cousin.

They have however weathered the storms and are coming out strong. The couple recently announced that they are expectant with their second child.

Flaqo Raz

Flaqo is a definition of pure talent. The lad has successfully created a family of his own through his skits and everyone loves it.

 His comedy is based on family setup and what makes it interesting is how relatable it is to his audience.
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He has more than 600 000 thousand subscribers on Youtube and has several awards under his belt.

The above listed are some of the most celebrated and fastest-rising Youtube sensations we think you should follow. 
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