The WaJesus Family: Smiling For The Cameras?

Cracks in the foundation

By  | Apr 22, 2021, 08:11 AM  | Drama

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Over the past couple of months, the Wajesus family household has been distinctly calm and serene, they have been recording their family videos and vlogs always laughing around and joking, vacationing, going out to eat and have fun, playing with their children, buying things...  typical happy influencer family. 

While this may seem incredibly wholesome and inspiring to the #teamkabi and #teammilly fresh-faced battalion, many observant eyes do not buy it one bit.

Two months ago Edgar Obare did the expose of the year by revealing an alleged deeply kept family secret; Kabi had not only been cheating on his beauty queen wife, but he had also had an affair with his cousin, siring a daughter whom he was also allegedly neglecting. These accusations not only cracked the cement underneath their solid fanbase, but the naysayers were even more so convinced because Edgar is not known for fake stories.

Some days later, Kabi and his wife Milly made a response video saying that the allegations were completely false and damaging, insisting that the child with a striking resemblance to the Bonoko hitmaker was simply his niece. The performance was complete with a tear-jerking speech from his conservative wife Milly.
However, the foundation for doubt had been laid and a large majority of their devotees couldn't look at the two the same.

The family quickly returned to preapproved scheduling encouraging consumerism within their fans while promoting a meek and humble lifestyle but subtle differences grew hard to ignore.
Firstly, hardly a month after the scandal came up, Kabi took to his heels to get his wife a pristine blue brand new BMW, and anyone who has been in an adulterous partnership would know what the meaningless lavish gifts are all about. People say the move lavish, the worse the crime, and this was no small crime.

To fresh eyes, they appear to be deeply in love but wouldn't you be a potentially Oscar Award-winning actor if the benefits meant getting almost everything you want for FREE? The couple even received an entire piece of land for free in Diani where they are building their holiday home. after taking home a cool 2 Million shillings a month from their family youtube, questions are justifiably being raised. Many may also agree, every time she seems to address the audience, she is promoting an item, service, or any other thing a paying client wants them to.

Not to mention, the tag Wajesus now holds weight, and the downsides to losing their marriage would mean that tag would mean nothing. #Teamkabi and #teammilly is cool, but without each other, they would make news for a short while then everybody would forget about them instantly. Take a look at Maureen Waititu and Frankie; who is thriving now? Who is in a committed, wholesome, relationship?
It is subtle, but the difference speaks volumes. In her bio and on every single post that Milly Makes with Kabi in it, she tags with #niJesus #Marriageworks #LoveWins but Kabi simply tags #NiJesus, the last #MarriageWorks being the day of the blue BMW.

Even so, love may be difficult, but love with money to buy your problems away is clearly a different ballgame altogether.
Is the Wajesus' family back on top, or is their relationship a big fat fallacy for the cameras?

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