The Best ‘Vasha’ Memes as Kenyans get ready for the Rally

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By  | Jun 22, 2022, 02:30 PM  | Drama

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Naivasha is set to host the World Rally Championship over the weekend with Kenyans excited about the event. Vasha as they call it is to host the Rally Championships with Kenyans trooping to the small town in Nakuru County.

The edition will be held between 23rd and 26th June 2022 and would mark the sixty-ninth running of the Safari Rally. The event would be based in Nairobi and the neighboring town of Naivasha where most of the action will be experienced by fans.
Many Kenyans have already made plans to attend the event which means Naivasha is about to host arguably the most number of Kenyans it ever has at any particular time. Hotel rooms have been fully booked and Air BnBs are no longer available even after raising their normal rates.
Naivasha is a favorite staycation destination for a lot of Kenyans especially Nairobians due to its proximity to the city and the diversity of attraction and activities it offers. From the beautiful Lake Naivasha to the caves and animals of Hells Gate National Park and the hikes on Mt. Longonot, Naivasha has a lot to offer.

The town has been known before to be a party zone with most Kenyan youth wanting to create time and get out of the busy lifestyle that is Nairobi. Vasha is a breath of fresh air for most of them and that is why this weekend, like a couple of other ones, Kenyans will be traveling to the town.

Kenyans On Twitter popularly known as KOT have not been left behind in creating a buzz around the event. Memes are already going viral on the social media platform with most Kenyans making a joke about what usually happens in the town when Nairobians visit it.

One user by the name of Hillary started off the discussion by mentioning that most people in relationships will find it hard to keep their partners in check over the upcoming weekend. He revealed that partners will incur a great loss this weekend as their significant other will probably look for fun somewhere else.

Subtle jokes were also made in light of the events that happen when youth from Nairobi go to Vasha. Most of the memes were sexually-oriented with some offering advice on how to handle yourself over the weekend.

Some KOT members even went further to suggest that if anyone in Nairobi wanted to get to Naivasha before the weekend, they needed to start traveling as early as today. The amount of traffic that is always on the Nairobi-Nakuru highway is usually extreme and it can be exhausting sometimes.
The famous Subaru boys were also brought into the mix as they are thought to be the biggest beneficiaries of events in Naivasha. Subaru boys is a term that was coined by Kenyans to describe youth who owned the car brand and attracted a lot of attention to themselves.
Koroga Festival will also be happening in the same town alongside the Rally. This is the first edition since the pandemic when crowds have been allowed to come together again. Despite the mask-up rule being brought back, the event is set to go on as planned.

This will be the 30th edition of the event that has been going on in the country for a while now. The event will also be headlined by Jamaican heavyweight Taurus Riley and backed by Kenyan singer Otile Brown.

Other acts on the list include Nairobi’s favorite drill group Buruklyn Boyz, Sol Generation’s Nvirii the Storytellerand Gravitti Band. The DJ list consists of Homeboyz Radio’s G Money, Kriss Darling, and Protoje.

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