The Beef Between Femi One And Azziad

All you need to know!

By  | Jun 05, 2021, 07:55 PM  | Drama

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Admit of, we all live for celebrity beef. Social media clapback? Kenyans are all over that. Shady post, you say? A Kenyan will be right with you! What about the damaging comment someone made about someone else? Juicy!
Yes, it might be damaging to the celebrities who live actuals, but what's banter under a comment section?
Just the same, here's a hot one for you; everybody seems to be all over the drama that has brewed between Azziad and Femi One, especially after her interview with Radio Jambo where she gave a few more details concerning the situation.
Well, here are the details, from beginning to end.

It started when Azziad was thrust into fame when she made a TikTok. The TikTok, which was a choreography/lipsync to the recently released banger Utawezana by Femi One and Mejja, another big gengetone artist in the industry.
Her video was discovered on Tiktok but she really gained her fanbase on Twitter. She received tons of likes and retweets and it had reached a point where if you didn't know about the video with the new pretty girl lip-synching to Utawezana then are you really a member of #KOT?

In fact, her video became too famous, it started an entire challenge that propped the song up and made it the certified banger it then went on to become over the next few weeks.

Femi, being the rapper behind the beat, had by then become friends with Azziad, (who was gearing to have a large following on Instgram) reposted the video, giving it some love, in the meantime asking her followers how they felt about the video.

That was the mistake she seemed to have made because everything went downhill from then.

Trolls filled her Instgram comment section, and it even got so bad that it spilled onto Twitter and Fena found herself in the middle of a full-on bullying play. Azziad was apparently very disturbed by this, seeing as she was not used to being famous and the number of haters she would be receiving, so she got her feelings hurt.

Femi then reported that she tried to mend things with Azziad, but the deed was already done and she had already been painted as the castigator to the bullying that Azziad went through.

From then on, the two have not been on good terms. Azziad refuses to speak on it but Femi says she personally does not have a problem with Azziad, but she needed to stop acting like she was the one who made Utawezana a big song. 
To date, they have not been in friendship terms, which is notable with how Azziad seems to steer away from Femi's songs when it comes to her 1 million TikTok followings. Sad!
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