Terryanne Chebet Exposes Jacque Maribe

Fake friendship is dead

By  | Apr 02, 2021, 11:47 AM  | Terryannye Chebet  | Drama

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Media personality Terryanne Chebet has come out to clear her name after her relationship with ex Citizen TV journalist Jackie Maribe fell apart.

In an interview on a local radio station, Chebet explained that a lot of false statements were peddled around when Maribe was arrested and during the hearing in a murder case.

According to Chebet the end of the friendship started when after rumours circulated that the friends were not there for her when she needed them the most.

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"During that period a lot of things were said that were not true about the kind of support she received and the friends that she had. The truth is that we visited her at Lang'ata Women's prison and were also there in court. The wider circle that supported her know that we were there for her," said Chebet.

"Jacque is my best friend and she will always be. However, right now, she and I have given each other time but I know that at some point, our friendship will blossom again."

Chebet addressed the elephant in the room because last year Maribe said she went through a terrible friendship breakup with people she always thought had her back during the murder trial of businesswoman Monica Kiragu together with murder suspect Jowie Irungu.

Maribe spoke about her estranged besties to Carol Mandi on Youtube where she made it clear she was hurt by it all despite thinking the friendship would last forever. While she was held in Langata Women's prison for 18 days, she realized she didn’t miss these people whom she thought were friends.

Netizens are the ones who pointed out that Jackie's friends were missing and started making noise online about it since the "Girl Squad" was always posting pictures of their escapades and vacations on Instagram. Social media users claimed that the girls had deserted her in her hour of need. Their absence in court cases was also highlighted in the media.

“A lot of my ‘friends,” Jacque said using air quotes, ” Did not want to associate with me, people who I really thought I was very close to. Some, I heard did public statements. I did not see them, disassociating themselves from me. These are people who we have been seen going on holiday with, you know, being told we are squad goals.”

“My family. I owe them everything, my dad became a beacon of hope, and people told me as much about him and the hope he offered. My friends didn’t want to be associated with me, people I was very close with they disassociated themselves from me, people who I’ve been on holiday with, people I’m told were girl squad goals with. I don’t want to say I lost many friends, I gained true friends," Jackie said.

Jackie whose career ended after being charged with the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani. She narrated how the whole experience tortured her mentally. She lost everything, her job so-called friends and money. 

The journalist says she is not bitter about the abandonment but she says the whole experience opened her eyes to the reality of life. She says she did not lose friends but gained the real ones.
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