Tanzanian Superstar Involved In Road Crash In Kenya

Singer admitted in hospital

By  | Mar 18, 2021, 12:44 PM  | Drama

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Celebrated Bongo Flava singer Lucas Mkenda, alias Mr Nice was involved in a frightful road accident along the Nakuru - Nairobi Highway.

Speaking to the press, Mr Nice said he was admitted to the hospital where he is receiving treatment for injuries sustained during the accident.

He was treated in a hospital with minor injuries but was unfortunate that he fell prey to highway accident robbers who had posed as good samaritans.

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The Kikulacho hit maker's car collided with a speeding lorry that was ferrying milk from Nairobi. Mr Nice and his driver were en route to perform at a private ceremony in Naivasha.

The news about the legendary singer's accident was shared on Facebook by Tanzanian media personality Millard Ayo.

''The lorry was transporting milk to Nairobi when the driver lost control and his breaks failed to work. So he hit my car and we rolled. The glasses cut me deep with some getting into my body, my ear was also cut pretty bad but the doctors have managed to restore it,'' Mr Nice said.

''I was sleeping so that I could get the strength to do the show that was taking me that direction. The accident was a serious one that happened at around 6:45 pm. We managed to get help from people who rushed to help us, but then there were others who also stole things from us. But I am recuperating now,'' he explained.

Mr Nice opened a recording studio in Machakos County and revealed that he plans to settle in Kenya for good. The star who is among the first artists to popularise Bongo Flava music in East Africa said Kenya is the musical hub of the region.

In 2015 Mr Nice escaped death narrowly after a car he was travelling in was involved in a road accident in Dar es salaam.

A friend he was travelling with died on the spot as a badly injured Mr Nice got rescued and rushed to hospital where he has been recuperating.

The King’asti and Tabia Gani hitmaker was discharged the same day his friend was getting buried.

Motorists travelling on busy highways in Kenya have been warned from time to time to be extra vigilant behind the wheel. Statistics from Kenya’s National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) paint an equally grim picture of the situation.

NTSA estimates that 3,000 Kenyans die from road accidents every year - costing the country anywhere between 3-5 per cent of GDP. 83 per cent of the fatalities are men, with individuals aged between 30-34 years leading most at risk.

Data indicates that many of the accidents occur over the weekends, with the hours 5pm - 8am being particularly deadly.

According to experts, a major contributor to Africa’s high rate of road accidents is the substandard enactment of road safety laws in line with global best practices.

Less than a third of African countries have seat belt laws and fewer still have regulations that prohibit drunk driving.

In Kenya, it’s all too common to witness motorists blatantly flaunting traffic rules – with public service and commercial vehicles being the most visible.
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