Yet Another Manager Dumps Tanasha


By  | Nov 22, 2020, 08:16 AM  | Tanasha Donna  | Drama

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Tanasha is back on the news and the news is still not about her music career but her endless dramas. The lass and her manager have been going at it on the social media pages, throwing not so subtle jabs at each other. 

Tanasha and her manager David Munyua aka African Castro, called it quits on their work relationship and friendship. According to rumours, the two are no longer working together and a recent post by Tanasha Donna seems to have solidified the rumours. She took to her Instagram account to announce the fact that she is now working with a new manager.

The former B-club exotic dancer, turn radio host and singer, did not take much time in replacing the man who has been by her side, trying as much as he can to build a form of career for her. 

In a very long post, Castro shared how his father was hospitalized and how him and his family struggled to pay the bill that came to Ksh 7 million.

Fans speculated that the fact that Tanasha did not help in raising the funds and left her manager to suffer own his own was the reason why they were no longer seeing eye-to-eye.

Those rumours were squashed by the two. When the manager's father was hospitalized, Tanasha did ask her fans to help out with the bill. She posted the plea on her instagram.

The main cause of their break-up has been identified and Castro came out to explaine why he said adios to the lass. 

“It was amicable. And I will now be embarking on a different journey with my new company Established African.” 

Castro said.

Tanasha also chimed in after a brief silence to explain herself;

“He’s still part of my team and we work together. We have so many upcoming projects so those are lies. I want to clarify that we even met yesterday and spoke about it. Everyone these days is just making assumptions. People believe what they see out there without having concrete proof about what the reality of the situation is.”

She also added that they did indeed have some communications issues but they amicably parted and that there is no bad blood between them.

It turns out that the two actually went their different ways roughly a month ago, leaving her in the hands on her new manager, Ciza Obare.

Tanasha has now had two managers leave her. Media personality Jamal Gaddafi who was also part of her management revealed he stepped aside from handling Tanasha’s music productions because he could not cope.

Hopefully Miss Oketch will find the right trajectory for her career. 

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