Zuchu 'Sad' After Tanasha-Diamond Reunion

Fans revisit video she posted last Tuesday.

By  | Mar 18, 2023, 02:04 PM  | Tanasha Donna  | Drama

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Fans are beginning to make sense of a sad video Zuchu posted earlier this week after video emerged today of Tanasha Donna cozying inside Diamond Platnumz's home in Tanzania.

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In the video, a lonely looking Zuchu is singing a sad song. And fans are now putting the pieces together after it has emerged that Diamond's ex and baby mama Tanasha has been a guest at the superstar's home for a couple of weeks now.

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Weeks ago, Diamond poured cold water on a rumoured spicy romance between him and Zuchu. After months of leading on Zuchu with shopping trips to Paris and lurid expressions of passion, Diamond ended up friendzoning Zuchu and calling her his "sister".

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Fans are revisiting the video of a sad-looking Zuchu and leaving messages in light of Diamond and Tanasha's current living arrangements. "Sema unajifariji Ila inaumiza," one fan wrote, while another one asked, "Umemuona tanasha?"

Another fan commented, "Kwaiyo ww zuchuu tanasha kashalalana na simba akiondoka piaa na ww unaendaa," while a fourth one felt her pain, "Zuchu unapitia wakati mgumu sana kipindi hiki sijui kama unapata usingizi hajafata shepu kafata kifua😂😂😂😂"

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How tables turn?
Tanasha was watching from the sidelines for the last one year as Diamond courted Zuchu publicly. But a few weeks back she broke her silence on social media by making her first Instagram post ever since Diamond denied being in a romantic relationship with Zuchu.

Tanasha is Diamond's last girlfriend and she doesn't seem to be healed from her ex even three years since their breakup. She posted a series of classy snaps modelling a fashion line. But it's the caption that seemed to be sending a message to Simba.

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"...when your heart is burning & your tongue is silent. ❤️‍🩹"

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Weeks ago, when there was talk of Zuchu being pregnant for Diamond, Tanasha left some cryptic messages online seemingly addressing the rumours.

The Gere singer didn't provide much context to her three posts all made on a dark screen and with concerning tiny messages on the bottom right corner of each. In the first one, she writes, "Why?" followed by a sad face emoji. She then followed it up with one that said, "Wish I didn't know," and a third one that read, "Wish I didn't feel."

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Now, these messages could have meant just about anything. But the timing was a bit curious. Coming just one day after rumours of her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz impregnating his current girlfriend Zuchu.
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