The Youngest Cougar In Entertainment?

Is Tanasha Donna dating a younger man?

By  | Jul 21, 2021, 01:45 PM  | Tanasha Donna  | Drama

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Have you ever heard or known of people that changed so much after a heartbreak it was almost like they were not even the same person? Suddenly, they change everything about themselves, they eat different foods, they dress differently. Sometimes if they get back into the dating pool, they date someone from an entirely different demographic than the one they were used to.
Most times, people think they are too hurt and decided to take that hurt on other people, but other times they gain such a sense of freedom and happiness from being released by this person that they felt like they were ready for a whole new lease on life!

It's difficult what point Tanasha Donna has been operating on so far. She's been on her level up journey for the past year, focusing on her music and being a mom to Naseeb Junior, so it is looking like she just wanted t focus on herself and being the best version of herself she possibly could be.
But it seems like the 27-year-old mom of 1 could be dipping her toe back in the dating pool again! Ad this time, it's a younger guy.
The rumours that she was dating a younger man than her began swirling when she posted pictures of her birthday and rumours began that she was spotted costing up with a certain individual in the entertainment industry who was in his early 20s.
Today, however, she's sparked those rumours once more by posting a certain video to her Instgram story that is raising several eyebrows for sure.
She just took to her Instagram to react to a certain video that hinted that she was dating a younger man than her.

The video, which was a parody video highlighted the experiences of a woman that was dating a younger man. The woman was in her mid-20s making fun of her man who was younger than her and more immature.
Sure, it could be a simple reaction, but the video was not that funny!
It seemed like Tanasha could relate!
Is she currently hinting at the man that she's dating?  It would be interesting but not impossible.
Tanasha has been travelling a lot lately while making her album (that she said would be the best work she's ever created) so she could have met a lover at some point. She is also known to be quite fond of younger people in the industry, many of the people she works with are very young so it still adds to that possibility.
She is not the first woman to be with a younger man in the industry, Diana is older than Bahati by two years and yet they are still one of the cutest power couples in the Kenyan entertainment industry.

Does this mean that Naseeb may soon get a younger stepfather?
Tanasha still looks fairly young and she clearly is not done dating just because she's is a mother. 
What do you think? Is she just playing or does she relate? Would you date a younger individual if you are/were a parent?
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