Tanasha's Epic Rant After Hamisa Comparisons

"Dead a$$ disrespectful."

By  | Sep 05, 2022, 09:35 AM  | Tanasha Donna  | Drama

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Tanasha Donna is not happy. The singer took to her Instagram to rant about a blogger who misrepresented her on an interview by using a headline that suggested Tanasha changed her style and looks so as to keep up with model Hamisa Mobetto.

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Tanasha famously hooked up with Diamond Platnumz after the Bongo superstar had previously dated Hamisa. But just like Hamisa, Tanasha broke up with Diamond after getting his baby.

It seems the blog that Tanasha seems to be angry with is the Tanzanian celebrity page Dizzim Online which published an interview with Tanasha titled: "MANENO YA WATU CHANZO CHA TANASHA DONNA KUBADILI MUONEKANO WAKE/HAMISA/ACHANGIA"

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According to Tanasha, the headline is clickbait and was not the premise of the interview when it was requested. And on watching the video, one would have to agree with the Gere singer.

Here's what she posted on her Instagram stories about the whole saga:

"Some bloggers be dead a$$ disrespectful out here. A Tz blogger messaged me & was calling me back to back for an interview, (I gave it to them so they don't feel like I'm full of myself) since they've been trying to get to me for time now...

The blogger sends me questions & makes it seem as if their focus is on the art... Even ask when the new movie I'm featured in is dropping, ask about my music, lifestyle of course amongst other stuff but then edit & crop the part that will appear most controversial & in such a disrespectful way.

To make it worse use the stupidest clickbait instead of focusing on the art, focus is gossip and this is why I don't do a lot of interviews!!! The disrespect in this industry."
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Maradonna this, Maradonna that...
Lately, Tanasha has not been holding back on her thoughts about things she finds irritating. Last week, she got on her Kanye West ish by calling out industry awards as corrupt and rife with cronyism.

Speaking on her Instagram account stories of Monday, August 29, the singer claimed that she was at one time advised to buy awards. "Imagine I once thought of buying an award some years back ( was advised to) then thought to myself... How am I paying for a trophy as if this trophy is what determines my worth," she explained.

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The singer revealed that making good music was enough for her and she did not need awards to make her feel like she was worthy in the music industry. "Thank God I changed my mind real quick. Artists, please don't ever feel the pressure," she advised.

Tanasha went ahead to define what she thought about the music industry after being in it for a while now. "You don't win based on genuine talent. If it's not you promoting them as per their preference or "payola" (paying for an award) you can forget about it," she stressed.

The Gere hitmaker appreciated artists that were genuinely doing music for the fun of it and not looking to be awarded. She also noted that although it was hard to get awards, there were some award shows that were genuine and recognized artists for their worth and not personal relationships. "Shout out to all the genuine award shows who judge merely based on talent. Y'all deserve all the flowers," Tanasha said.

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The singer is currently doing well with her latest release featuring rapper Barack Jacuzzi. The song titled Karma is a drill song and has garnered about 600,000 views on YouTube already.
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