Tanasha's Savage Online Fight With Blogger

I don't even know you...

By  | Feb 07, 2021, 07:22 AM  | Tanasha Donna  | Drama

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Tanasha Donna is done with people trying to ride on her fame. The singer took to her instagram to bash the naysayers and all the 'friends' trying to use her name to get ahead.

The singer rebuked those people claiming they are close confidants with her and condemned them for disclosing false information. 

Tanasha Donna was hitting headlines recently for her steamy stage performance with Diamond Platnumz at a club in Tanzania. This was while she had gone to visit her baby daddy in the country, to make her son spend some time with his father. The trip took an unexpected turn when the two went to a club and started to perform on stage for the crowd. Many took that as an indicator that they were back together.

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After this, people came out of the woodworks claiming to be in close communication with her. Tanasha refuted those claims, saying she doesn't even have their numbers.

 The singer has been incessantly been stalked with controversy mostly pertaining to her ties with Diamond.  Recently her DM with Tanzanian personality Mwijaku leaked in which Tanasha was calling him out for lying. 

Tanasha wrote to Mwijaku,

“Excuse me…Do I even have your number for you to go claiming we spoke on WhatsApp? Respect yourself hata kama ni kiki jiheshimu kidogo. Respect yourself you are a grown man and don’t make me sue you again & this time for ” defarmation of character “Don’t lie on my name.”
The sweet girl is tired of being nice and is taking on her enemies, one at a time. You go girl!

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