Tanasha Hints She Can’t Fight With Zuchu Over Diamond

No catfight this time

By  | Mar 16, 2022, 08:45 AM  | Tanasha Donna  | Drama

Tanasha Donna, Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu
Popular singer Tanasha Donna seemed to finally give her opinion on the reported relationship between her ex-lover, and baby daddy, Diamond, and his Wasafi Records signee Zuchu. 

This is according to Mpasho, who noted that Tanasha was triggered, into addressing the relationship between Diamond and Zuchu, by a fan who took to her Instagram page to chime in on her love life.

The fan gave Tanasha some advice about her relationship with Diamond, noting that they should get back together. 

"Now, we need Diamond to come back to Tanasha and get her pregnant again and add another child." 

According to Mpasho, this comment led Tanasha to take to her Instagram Stories to address the situation. In her post, Tanasha noted that she would not be competing for any man’s love with another woman. 

"The only relationship I wanna fix right now is mine with Allah...If you ever see me embarrass myself by competing for a man's love and attention, slap me. By all means, have him."

The Diamond and Zuchu story

Rumors that Diamond and Zuchu were a couple were fueled by Diamond Platnumz’s brother and his official DJ, Romy Jons who revealed that his brother and his Wasafi Records signee Zuchu are married.

He made the revelation on his Instagram via a now-deleted video posted on his page. The video showed Diamond and Zuchu walking together and draped in ceremonial garb which hinted that they had their wedding ceremony recently.

As if the video wasn’t enough to convince his followers, Romy captioned the video noting that his younger brother has finally found love and should now settle down. He also noted that the next step in his life is to now get a kid with his new wife. Romy even suggested that they should call their child “Romeo”.

Fans took note of this video and went took to the comment section to give their thoughts on the matter. Most fans were convinced that Romy was lying to them as they called him out for the fib.

The fans were right

Well, Tanasha has no reason to worry about the two as the fans were right. It seems that the two were just using their alleged relationship to promote Zuchu's album launch concert.

Diamond officially put an end to the rumors that he was dating his label employee Zuchu by confirming that their relationship was strictly professional.

During the concert, Diamond and Zuchu (who arrived hand in hand) were asked whether rumors that they would be getting married on the day were true? 

Diamond was quick to rubbish the rumors as he noted that the event, which was held in honor of Zuchu’s latest hit single titled Mahaba Ndi Ndi Ndi, was a way of reintroducing Zuchu into the world as a more accomplished singer.

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