Tanasha Donna’s Fake Body Exposed

Risper Faith says singer’s body costs Kshs 850K

By  | Nov 11, 2021, 03:56 PM  | Tanasha Donna  | Drama

Tanasha Donna
Socialite, Risper faith has taken time off her busy day to expose Tanasha Donna for having cosmetic surgery on her body.

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Tanasha Donna's followers accused her of using silicone to improve some areas of her figure less than a month ago. Fans have been glued to their screens for more from Tanasha since she began posting very hot photos on her page. One photo, in particular, posted by her fan,  sparked a frenzy in the comment section.

She is dressed in a pink crop top, leather trousers, and high heels in the photo. Her blonde hair was pushed back, and she wore pink sunglasses to complete her ensemble.

At the time she was looking more voluptuous than usual and her fans had a lot to say. Some noted that the mother of one looked good, while others pointed out that they suspected she had enhanced her appearance with silicone. 

It seems that fans won't have to wonder anymore as Risper shared some very juicy information with Edgar Obare, on BNN Kenya. Risper noted that she was the one who introduced Tanasha to the cosmetic surgeons. Risper claimed that the work was done on Tanash by Body By Designs, a one-stop fat loss center.


Risper added that all Tanasha had to do in return was post the company on her social media. However, Tanasha decided not to do so after the company finished doing the procedure on her, and this has led to a fallout between her and the company.

The socialite seems to have taken the matter to heart as she noted that she was the one who connected Tanasha to the company. She further added that, after refusing to honor the batter, Tanasha was asked to pay Kshs 850K for the services, but she chose not to pay as well.

Risper shared evidence of her interactions with Tanasha, whereby the singer was asking advice on cosmetic surgery from the socialite.

Risper further reiterated the fact that Tanasha has completely refused to pay for the procedure to date and the owner of Body By Design is furious and looking for ways to recoup her money.

Do you think that Tanasha really had work done on her? If yes, do you think that the superstar would refuse to pay what she owes?
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