Now-Shows For A Sad Tanasha

You won't believe who didn't attend Tanasha's Birthday!

By  | Jul 08, 2021, 12:17 PM  | Tanasha Donna  | Drama

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Tanasha is clearly that girl that everybody loves to love, not just because of her infectious happy personality or her love for the finer things in life (including the amazing instgram stories and picturesque videos) she clearly loves hanging with people who think like her and move just the same way she does -with ambition and grit.

Being a celebrity, she obviously has very many friends all around her, she's not just well known, she's well-loved from all corners of the world at that!
Yesterday was a very special day for her; her 26th brithday came around and she was clearly in the mood for a huge feast and celebration. She took us through her day, with over 100 IG stories from her friends and loved ones, showing us how she was preparing to celebrate her brithday including getting her hair and makeup done, getting glammed, not to mention her glam squad getting a whole party prepared for her in her honour right there in the salon!
At the end of the stories, she looked incredible, with an adorable two piecer and a swoop in her hair, ready for her big debut!
Her party looked like one of the most lit and exciting events shed ever been to, and one could imagine how happy she was, seeing as to the fact that she was surrounded by people who loved her and were there to celebrate just her.
Tanasha even did a combined brithday with Miss Karun who looked every bit excited and pumped to be there.
The party was going on just fine but what you didn't notice was that there were some pretty evident no-shows at her birthday party!

Tanasha seemed very happy, but a big chunk of the people that she used to love hanging out with was not in attendance for her special day. Some of her day-ones, her most trusted friends, the most suspicious one being Shaq The Youngin the one who they hung out with every single day was not just marked absent, he never even posted a congratulatory post for her.
Not only that, he seemed rather salty about not being invited to her party, posting a subliminal message that said
"...your friend invited you everyhwere and you only went where you WANTED to go.
Now your friend is doing what you want to do and youre wondering why you werent invited, you were.. you didnt show up where it mattered."
This either means he was invited and didn't go, or he and the whole NRG group (her faormer friends) were going to do something for her but couldn't because she didn't value their company as much anymore! It was also evident that NRG snubbed her because they didn't even put a post up for her either. For someone who was meant to mean a lot to them due to their long-standing relationship!
Diamond also did not make an appearance, but that was kind of expected. 

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