"I'll Send You Goons!" - I Was Threatened By Tanasha Donna Cries YouTuber

"Sina time ya kupoteza bro."

By  | Nov 30, 2020, 04:19 PM  | Tanasha Donna  | Drama

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Once again, Tanasha is in the news and it's still not about her music career but more drama. The singer definitely learnt a thing or two from bad boy ex Diamond going by what we're hearing from one YouTube vlogger who has not been living in peace ever since Tanasha apparently sent him threats.

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Ciem Guru who works as a celebrity content creator for the channel Nairobi Loyalty learnt the hard way that there is no loyalty in the city. Ciem narrated his horrific incident while choking back tears.

"I was threatened by Tanasha Donna. Akanipigia simu usiku akaniambia... I'll send you goons. Niko na connections mpaka na CID."
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What was Tanasha so angry with the YouTuber about? Well, as Ciem discloses, she did not like the angles on a video interview they had just done and wanted it pulled down and disappeared from online.

However, Ciem went ahead to leave the video up by the fact that it also had interests from sponsors who had already paid hard money to be associated with it. This decision according to Ciem is what caused Tanasha to have her Diva meltdown moment and result to threatening his life.

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"Leo hivi niko hapa kuambia waKenya, maisha yangu iko at risk," said Ciem in a video posted from behind locked doors. "Nafungua mlango hivi hata naogopa. Inabidi nifunge na padlock. I don't know the next thing that may happen."

As it happens, the video titled 'A TOUR TO TANASHA DONNA'S NEW MANSION/{EXPENSIVE SH$T ONLY}' is still up on the Nairobi Loyalty YouTube channel. It has gained close to 60,000 views already.
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In it Tanasha shares some personal stuff about herself like the things she cannot live without including toothpaste, perfume, music, and her son. Unfortunately for her son's father Diamond, he doesn't make the cut.

At one point in the video, Tanasha cuts the filming abruptly to complain about the background noise during the interview, "Sorry! I can't do this... we have to be silent here."

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The Radio hitmaker has been in the headlines lately for a myriad of things. From vowing to never again visit his ex Diamond and his family in Tanzania, to teasing an all-white party reunion with his Bongo ex in Nairobi this coming December.

Just this November, former Nairobi Diaries star and socialite Bridget Achieng threw major shade at Tanasha for embarrassing her for her no-show at her Naifest Festival which Tanasha had promised to perform in.

One thing is for sure. This will not be the last we hear from Tanasha and her daily dramas.

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