Bahati's Grave Mistake

At least is the thought that counts?

By  | Jun 27, 2020, 01:57 PM  | Drama

Bahati and his wife, Diana Marua were some of the A-Listers invited to celebrate the 11th year anniversary Kabus. 

Simon Kabu is the leading travel and tour aficionado in Ghana, and the CEO of Bonfire Adventures, he and his wife, Sarah Kabu spoilt the A-Listers to a get-away which they are currently still enjoying.  

But Bahati seems to have gotten the milestone celebration wrong. The Wanani musician posted that he wishes the couple a happy 10th anniversary. 

It did not take long for his followers to try and help him by correcting him it is 11, even Bonfire Adventures commented on the post with the correct milestone. 

However did the corrections go noticed by Bahati? No, the musician continued on his merry way and has continued posting without even bothering to edit the post which was from the sponsors of the trip his on…

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Image credit: Instagram @bahatikenya