Sol Generation Puts Nviiri On Notice Over Elodie Drama

Love turned sour?

By  | Jun 09, 2021, 03:06 PM  | Drama

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If you thought you had seen it all in the Nviiri and Elodie drama, you were wrong!

Well, turns out, Sol Generation's not having it with Elodie and Nviiri's theatrics and have put the RnB musician on notice.

In a statement released on Wednesday afternoon, the record label spoke on the matter that has been trending for a few days now. 

According to the statement, the record doesn’t support any kind of abuse – be it physical, emotional or mental. The record label has, therefore organized a life and mental wellness session for the couple when they get back in the city.

Sol Generation’s statement comes after the internet was set ablaze when Elodie accused Nviiri of being physically and emotionally abusive and sent fans crazy.

The record label says that it has been walking with Nviiri in his journey to mental wellness and admits that the journey has been a marathon. 

“The sensitivity of the matter should be not understated, and as such we have been treating this matter with the utmost matter and privacy,” read part of the statement.

Elodie and Nviiri’s relationship has proven to be a troubled one since the two came out publicly. They have broken up, got back together and broken up some more.

Elodie has also appeared in Nviiri’s latest music video, Niko Sawa and a couple of times on Sol Generation’s reality show which airs on Showmax. Some snippets of the reality show are also posted on the record label’s YouTube Channel.

Nviiri and Sol Generation Record Label

Nviiri has been a member of Sauti Sol’s record label, Sol Generation since 2019, alongside other great musicians in Kenya such as Bensoul.

He signed a deal with the record label after Sauti Sol discovered him while working as their camera guy for a long time.

On Sauti Sol’s reality show, the group shared how they came to discover Nviiri’s musical gifts. According to them, Nviiri worked for them for many years behind the scenes as their cameraman without knowing that he could sing and play the guitar.

Polycarp Otieno, one of the members of Sauti Sol was the one who discovered Nviiri. While chilling together, Nviiri started playing the guitar – something that shocked Polycarp so much. He then convinced Nviiri to pursue music saying that he would one day become a hit.

Nviiri has become popular over a short period (2 years) having released hit after hit with his most famous being Pombe Sigara.

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