“I Have Been Doing All He Is Accusing Me Of” Size 8 Reveals Other Side Of Story

By  | Oct 04, 2020, 10:17 AM  | Size 8  | Drama

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In a recent segment of Dine with the Murayas, DJ Mo opened up about his marriage to Size 8. He said that he was feeling the pressure. The ups and downs that come with marriage. 

This comes amidst weeks of divorce rumors looming around the celebrity couple’s lives. In fact, Size 8 gave her part of the story. Insecurity and lack of trust seem to be the reason why she is always calling her husband on the phone.

“The reason why I call him that much is because I have my own reasons. The truth is I have been doing all he is accusing me of. There are times when paranoia, lack of security and lack of trust hits me,” she said.
This further fuels speculation about the two lovers. Is all well at their matrimonial home? Given that DJ Mo has been embroidered in alleged cheating allegations, could this be the start of the end of something good? Size 8, however, defended her actions.

“I was not calling him to offend him. Sometimes my heart is not at peace. I love my husband and the thought of divorce is giving me sleepless nights and I do not want it in my house,” she said.

This is something that DJ Mo has to deal with. It takes a lot of patience, understanding, and true love to keep someone in your life, and accepting their insecurities. As we are all human, it also reaches a point where we feel like we cannot keep going on.

“Do other men go through the same thing ama ni mimi tu? I was telling a friend of mine that marriage is starting to feel like a lot of work,” he admitted.
So, will there be The Murayas 5 years from now? Will their marriage beat the test of time and the pitfalls that come with living in the limelight? Only time will tell!

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