I Don't Have To Shame My Nakedness To Create A Story- TV Presenter Shames Size 8 And DJ Mo For Their Stunt

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By  | Oct 19, 2020, 06:39 AM  | Size 8  | Drama

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The internet has been closely following DJ Mo and Size 8's cheating saga ever since the two started hitting their marriage is crumbling.

But after just a few weeks, it has become evident that must have been a carefully staged publicity stunt meant to attract money deals and attention for their brand.

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Not many have been happy after it dawned on them including Wambui wa Muturi, a gospel radio presenter at Inooro FM.
Wambui wa Muturi. Photo: Facebook/Wambui wa Muturi

She took to social media to react to the Size 8 and DJ Mo antics who are now enjoying life in coast celebrating their anniversary saying they shouldn't have joked about their marriage as they did.

"It's saddening me to see how public figures nowadays spit and split their private life affairs in Public that was never there when God was making them in the wilderness...

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"I don't have necessarily to put my all details in public or Social media or main media streams to remain relevant..No, infact they won't come and mend those private issues you spill everywhere," she posted on Facebook.

She urged couples fighting should never go public but rather pray till things work out.

"Let your solutions remain with God.I don't have to shame my nakedness to create a story and leave my house and future burning. Private stays private unless I feel like opening up to a helping Individual and not crowds...If only people knew the weapon secret of silence!" She added.

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