Shakila Goes On Epic Rant

Warns Miss P against Eric Omondi

By  | Nov 02, 2021, 05:50 AM  | Drama

Young social media sensation, Shakila seems to be in her feelings over Eric Omondi and his new supposed girlfriend Miss P. 

The comedian posted a photo showing that Miss P was pregnant and the whole internet lit up with curiosity. When news of this photo got to Jacque Maribe, Erics’s baby mama, she was so mad that she exposed the star of being a deadbeat father.

It seems the photo was more trouble than it was worth as now another of the women in his life has come out to criticize the star following the posting of the now-viral photo.

The woman in question this time is Shakila, the young star and Eric go back a long way, she was a participant in season 1 of the comedian's infamous Wife Material show. Even though she did not emerge victorious in the scripted series, she was viewed by many as Eric’s favorite as they would spend so much time together.

They were spending so much time together that when Shakila let the world know that she was expecting the comedian's kid, everyone believed her. However, she made the announcement last December and she has yet to give birth. So, it’s safe to say that it was a lie and the photos of Eric and Miss P have her looking back at that moment in her life.  She noted as much in her rant.

The young star took to her Instagram story to caution Miss P about Eric, she noted that the star would only use her for clout and do away with her when she is not relevant anymore.   

Shakila didn’t stop at a word of caution for Miss P, it wouldn’t be Shakila if she did, she went on to insult the singer and noted that she can’t make a hit song. She insinuated that Miss P was talentless as she couldn’t even get nominated for any local award.

She added that Eric has been trying to reach out to her in regards to a “deal”, but she has just been ignoring his calls. She noted that she might get back to him in the near future (we can’t wait to see what they cook up next).

Do you think the controversial star is right about Eric Omondi? Is he only using these young girls for clout? Have your say.

Main image credit: Instagram.
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