Shaffie Weru Finally Speaks Out On The Exact Reason He Was Fired

More than meets the eye

By  | Nov 24, 2022, 10:38 AM  | Drama

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It has been more than a year since the legendary radio presenter Shaffie Weru was fired in a very dramatic fashion alongside his co-presenter Neville and Dj Joe Mfalme. Over time people have moved on and so has Shaffie.

The former Homeboyz presenter however had an interview with Nairobi news and he got to explain the main reason why he had his colleagues were laid off.
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According to Shaffie, it was not about the statement or the tweets he had made, but rather the companies he was representing. Him being a big name and a famous presenter there were big companies that were associated with him and the moment he started being attacked all over social media the companies were as well dragged through the mad. Laying him off was the only way to salvage the situation.

The controversy surrounding their getting fired roots from remarks they made on air that was deemed to be disrespectful toward women.

Their comments were a reaction to a story of a twenty-year-old who was thrown off a building in March by a man after she refused his sexual demands. Their conversation sparked a lot of hate from netizens who did not like how they handled the issue. They called for the immediate termination of the three and that is how they bid their jobs goodbye. 

There were however mixed reactions by netizens in regard to Shaffie's remarks, with some supporting him, with the argument that the remarks were a reflection of our lives today.

After being terminated the drama took a whole different angle as Shaffie went on to sue his former employer for the termination of the contract. 

Shaffie in a suit was demanding to be compensated, get this 21 million shilling for unfair termination and breach of contract.

He however says he and radio Africa are cool despite the case still pending in court. He further adds he is not directly involved in the case but his lawyers are.

The drama took a toll on him as he would explain, he almost got into depression but was grateful for friends and family who stood with him in the difficult moments

The radio host's termination came after he had been with radio Africa for more than 18 years working on a number of their radio stations including Kiss 100.

His experience in media cannot be questioned as he has also helped to bring up other great media talents while he was on the Radio Africa space.

Shaffie started his radio career in 2001 when he worked alongside Kalekye Mumo in a popular morning show before Kalekye left. He then worked with Adelle Onyango on the same show after which they were replaced by Kamene and Kibe.

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