Seth Gor Will Not Accept Domestic Violence Accusations

Sets record straight

By  | Sep 15, 2020, 07:24 AM  | Seth Gor  | Drama

The drama that went down on a particular night between Seth Gor and his ex-girlfriend is still a mystery to the people that are currently trying to dissect exactly what went down. The rumors of domestic abuse and assault making rounds on social media directed towards Seth do not help the situation either since no one knows exactly what went down.

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Now Popular Kenyan Viner, Seth Gor has come out to clear his name months after his ex-lover, Shiko Phyna, publicly accused him of physical abuse following a disagreement. Opening up in a lengthy Twitter post, Seth explained that he had tried to break up with Shiko, and an argument ensued on the day of the incident. Contrary to earlier reports, Seth explains that he never laid a finger on Shiko, stating that she was the one who attacked him and hurt her finger in the process.

“Last year, hours before my birthday, my ex-girlfriend violently attacked me because of my insistence in ending that relationship. It has been a rocky relationship; we had our good days and bad days – and the bad days were physically and mentally exhausting.

“As she physically assaulted me, I blocked my face with my hands and one of her blows ended up breaking her fingernail. This is where the facts started getting murky, she ran to a police station and obtained an OB and a P3 form (She is a cop and called her colleagues on me) then she immediately launched a campaign and reached out to bloggers to paint me as an abuser,”
he wrote.
He also went ahead to share that his ex-girlfriend reached out to him and apologized after it was established that she had wrongfully accused him of attacking her. Still, as he explains, the dark cloud of being an abuser has stuck with him.