Sammy Boy Claims Extortion As Past S#x Tapes Leak Online (Video)

The flashy self-made millionaire speaks out.

By  | Nov 25, 2022, 12:30 PM  | Drama

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A flashy Instagram star called Sammy Boy Kenya has come out to address leaked nudes and sex tapes that circulated on messaging app Telegram.

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Sammy Boy who has in the past been caught up in controversies to do with conmanship, boasts close to 1 million followers on IG. He regularly posts his rich lifestyle on his account.
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But in the past couple of days, his dark past has been exposed as sex tapes of him emerged, which also include amateur gay porn videos. And now Sammy Boy has been forced to come out and address the leaks.

Remaining defiant, Sammy Boy says that he is being extorted and bullied into paying hard cash for his past indiscretions. In a long explanatory video on his Instagram, he claims that some unnamed people have been messaging him to send them up to Ksh 50,000 or else leak his sex tapes.

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Sammy Boy says he refuses to bow down to the extortionists and instead explains away the videos as "his past life" when he was poor, hungry and trying to make it to the USA. He says that a couple he met 7 to 8 years ago promised to take him and his then girlfriend to America if he does certain things, which included making the porn videos. He denies that he is gay and says that he did what he had to do at the time because he was desperate.

Check out the full video below:

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Sammy Boy the conman?
Sammy Boy, real name Samuel Ondieki, was earlier this year exposed by news website Kenyan Post for defrauding young people through Forex trading.

"The flamboyant Kisii youngster claims that he is a guru in Forex Trading but according to social media reports, he is a fraudster," the blog started.

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"Sammy Boy reportedly sells fake trading bots to gullible Kenyans online and he seems to be making a killing. His fake trading bots go for between $100(Ksh 10,000) to $ 200( Ksh 20,000). He easily lures gullible Kenyans because of the lavish lifestyle he displays on social media. Edgar Obare recently put him on the spot and countless Kenyans confessed that they have been victims of his con games."
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