Exposed! Samidoh's Curvy Overseas 'Mpango Wa Kando' (Pics)

Mr. International.

By  | Nov 04, 2022, 04:27 PM  | Samidoh  | Drama

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Karen Nyamu is not alone. Apparently, Samidoh has a second woman on the side whom he hooks up with whenever he goes on his international tours.

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The lady's man Mugithi singer has been linked to an American-based woman called Bernice. It is not known whether she is a groupie or simply a muse for Samidoh, but American fans have reported that she is always around at every one of his US concerts.

An online Kikuyu gossip page seem to be the ones to break the dating rumours and they dish that it is Bernice who sponsored and arranged for Samidoh's current US tour. Samidoh and Bernice have even had several pictures taken together.

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After getting exposed on the vernacular page, Samidoh seemed to trash the rumours by commenting, "Haha. There will come a day utaambiwa uandike kitu hujaconfirm uhepe mbio."

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Samidoh is already locked in a messy love triangle with his wife Edday and baby mama Karen Nyamu. It seems, his heart is about to get a bit more crowded as he makes room for a third woman to share his love with.

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Karen's solution for Samidoh
Going by a recent Insta story, Karen appears to have found the perfect way for Samidoh to deal with her and Edday and avoid conflicts with the two baby mamas.

The nominated Senator has taken to her Insta story with a photo of a man standing between two women with matching outfits. What captures the attention however is how he has matched the outfit on his left with the woman standing on the left and the right with the woman standing on the right.

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To drive the message home there is a caption that reads," When you have two wives you don't want any problem." Perhaps there will be peace if Samidoh hearkens to Karen's voice of reason and starts treating the two equally as the photo was suggesting.

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In February of this year, the aspiring Nairobi Senator Karen welcomed her and Samidoh's child, a girl she named Njeri. Fans of Karen immediately started congratulating Samidoh by calling him “Baba Njeri”.

Which brings us to the just passed Father's Day when Karen and Edday revived their beef. Karen sparked another online tiff when she took to Instagram to leave a message for Samidoh. Edday was forced to write a message of her own when fans noted that Edday had not wished Samidoh a happy Father's Day just like Karen.
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