Samidoh’s Wife Hits Karen Nyamu Where It Hurts

The love rivalry continues

By  | Jan 13, 2022, 08:46 AM  | Samidoh  | Drama

Samidoh and Karen Nyamu
A while back, Karen Nyamu went after something special to Edith Muchoki, the wife of playboy Mugithi musician, Samidoh and it seems the scorned lover is repaying the favor by going after something special to Karen as well. 

Karen had gone after Edith’s husband as the pair’s affair was exposed. Samidoh was brazenly cheating on his wife with the aspiring Nairobi politician Karen Nyamu in Dubai, while his wife was at home alone with their children.

At the time Kelebrity obtained a surveillance video recorded sometime in December (2020) at a boat safari in the Emirate state. In the video, fans saw Samidoh with Karen acting totally smitten with each other. Samidoh makes a joke with Karen, giggly and all.

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Karen then proceeds to lay her head on his shoulder, laughs out loud, and gives a snarky response to the joke. Samidoh also appeared to have his hands around Karen's shoulder.

Fast forward to the present and the pair’s relationship has blossomed. Even though Samidoh is still married to Edith, he and Karen have a child together and are expecting a second one soon.

Giving birth, however, isn’t the only big event Karen is set to take part in this year, as the ever aspiring politician announced her intentions to run for the Nairobi senatorial seat under the banner of the Deputy president’s party, UDA, she made the announcement recently and Edith has just now come out to share her thoughts on this. 

A low blow

Without mentioning her love rival, Karen Nyamu,  Edith took to her Instagram to give her thoughts on who she considers the right candidate to take up the major government job. She posted a photo of her preferred candidate for the whole world to see. 
Edith endorsed Julie Kabogo from the Chama Cha Kazi party and noted in her caption that she was her choice. Fans quickly took note of the subliminal message aimed at Karen and proceeded to give their thoughts on the issue. 

Many fans were in support of Edith as they noted that everyone has a right to choose the candidates that they want to support.

Other fans, on the other hand, brought up Karen Nyamu and defended her noting that she is the only viable candidate.

Some went as far as to inform Edith that co-wives should support each other. What are your thoughts on this issue? Should Edith have supported Karen or is she right to go against her love rival?

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